Swimming..WELL just floating

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chey Crowe, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Chey Crowe

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    Found that going into a warm small swimming pool, doing a couple of gentle lengths, and then getting a boyancy float, one of those long foam, thin things, either put behind your back and under arms, facing sky-ward, and just....FLOAT! The weightlessness, completly takes the pressure off painful joints/muscles on the arms and legs.
    May not cure it but its a little peice of heaven, when in 24/7 chronic suffering, the benefit of an hours 'dip' relieves the pain, it's so worth it...and the benefits continue,,if you swim before youre due to sleep, not only will the gentle exercise physically help you to gain rest, but also the relaxation while floating, seems, to assist in reducing restless legs and arm spasms too.
    As a side effect the mood altering/psychological impact because of a gentle float, is extremely positive.
    Let me know how you get along xx
    Dorset, England
  2. tooks

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    This is great for me too. The problem for me is finding a pool that is warm enough. Outdoor pools in the area I live in tend to cool down too much overnight and never get warm enough for me.
  3. Chey Crowe

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    Hey tooks, dont you have any indoor pools that are heated? Like.. where in the world are you?
  4. tooks

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    Sent you a private message.
  5. Mikie

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    Hang onto the foam noodle and float vertically in the deep end. The gentle movement and pressure cause the lymph fluids to flow and helps us get rid of gunk in our bods.

    I run in the shallow end of the pool for 20 mins., 3 times a week to get my cardio going. It's easier on the joints than running on a hard surface and is just as good for a person. I swim laps when I can but my recent shoulder surgery has made doing that too painful until there is more healing.

    Love, Mikie
  6. hermitlady

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    Floating is my form of swimming also. We have a large pool and sometimes it's just too cold for me (even in the So Cal sun). It's so expensive to run the heater much, so I'll run it for an hour or two in order to warm up the shallow end. I try walking laps, treading water, but it inevitably causes my hip joints to flare up. I also have bad shoulders so I can't do too much w my arms either....So, I buy those $3 colorful donuts and hang on them and just relax most of the time. Maybe I'll do that today, it will be my first time baring my flubbery, white body to the sun this year, LOL!
  7. Soul*

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    I love floating. Only this summer got a kiddie pool that is wide enough to float in. I'm not mobile enough to go to a swimming pool nor do I do well with the chemicals and germs and large amount of people in public pools. I don't have a float thingie yet but I just put earplugs in and float on my back. I could fall asleep like that. I found I don't even need warm water for it, just the weightlessness itself is soothing too. Me floating below, the clouds floating above, so relaxing. And my musqito net is exactly big enough to keep the bugs out too. If the water is warm it will get algae quicker so it's good that I don't have to fill it up with warm water since I can't do chemicals in the water. Having to store away the pool is a chore though, I'm aching all over :p