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    I am respectfully asking that if you have a view that is different than the below, to please start your own post.

    This is for informational purposes only.

    You have the right to your opinion. Take what you want from this article or disregard the information.

    We still have freedom of choice.

    I am also posting this on the health board as well as here it is such an important message for our compromised immune systems.


    From Scienceblogs.com

    Pearls before swine flu
    by Phil Plait, Aug 20 2009

    The Daily Mail is a UK newspaper that has a tendency, oh, every so often, of printing articles that sometimes don’t exactly represent reality.

    This is one such article. It links vaccinations for the swine flu to a neurological disorder called Guillaine-Barré Syndrome, or GBS. The article INFLATES THE DANGER (my caps) from vaccinations and may scare people into not getting their inoculations.

    And you know how I feel about that.

    Happily, a real doctor, my friend and fellow SkepticBlogger Steve Novella tears this apart in exquisite detail. Basically, GBS is an illness where a persons’s immune system attacks the myelin protein sheath covering nerves. This can lead to nerve damage and other problems, as it did in the swine flu outbreak in 1976. However, in general, if caught early it can be treated and the patient can expect a nearly complete recovery.

    Why are vaccinations involved? As Dr. Novella says,

    GBS can not only be triggered by the flu or other infections, but also by vaccines used to prevent infections. This is because vaccines are designed to stimulate the immune system, to provoke an immune response – which is what causes GBS. The risk of getting GBS from the flu vaccine is about 1 in a million. This is very reliable data, as we have been using the same basic technology for the flu vaccine for decades and we have reliable statistics on GBS as treatment requires hospitalization. Some cases may be missed if they are very mild (probably rare, but also if a case is too mild to be recognized then who cares) or from misdiagnosis (also probably rare as it is fairly easy to eventually confirm the diagnosis even if it may be difficult initially).

    So yes, vaccinations can in fact trigger GBS. However, this is nothing new, despite the breathless Daily Mail article. It’s been known for years and doctors are trained to keep an eye out for it.

    And how big a risk is this?

    So the risks from the vaccine may vary slightly as new strains are being targeted, but over the last 30 years since the 1976 episode the risk of GBS has been steady at about 1 IN A MILLION- FAR LESS THAN THE RISK OF THE FLU ITSELF. (caps mine) million – far less than the risk of the flu itself.

    Therefore the accusation that the upcoming H1N1 flu vaccine is untested is not a fair or accurate statement. It is highly tested.

    So the antivax crew going around with their heads on fire screaming about the swine flu vaccine are, as usual, wrong, and presenting incredibly distorted "information". When you encounter anything the antivax people say, you really need to dig deeper than the info they give you. Like Apollo deniers and all the other antiscience crowd, they distort reality and don’t tell you everything you need to know to understand the actual situation.

    Does medical science know everything? No, of course not. But it sure knows a whole lot more than the antivaxxers do. As Dr. Novella says:

    The risk of GBS from the flu vaccine has been around 1 in a million – a very rare complication. The risk may not be any higher for the H1N1 vaccine. It is actually not known why the 1976 vaccine had a higher rate of GBS, but it has not been repeated in the last 30 years. Perhaps there is something about H1N1 that increases the risk of GBS, and for this reason monitoring GBS as the vaccine is administered is reasonable. So far, in preliminary tests of thousand of individuals with the new vaccine there has not been any increased risk of GBS, but this process in ongoing.

    There are no absolute guarantees in medicine – but the best evidence we have to date strongly suggests that the risk of the H1N1 flu is likely to be much greater than the risk of the vaccine itself.

    That’s something to always remember: despite the garbage conspiracy theory-toting antivaxxers are purveying, diseases tend to be a lot more dangerous than vaccination. Talk to your doctor, read what Steve Novella has to say, and get the real scoop on vaccination
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    And I see no reason to get this experimental vaccination. And there is no reason to promote it or push it. The risks of an experimental vaccination far outweigh any supposed and unproven benefits. They don't even say it's anywhere near a hundred percent effective in preventing it anyway. And the Swine Flu is not as dangerous as first thought. Many people have already gotten it and recovered.
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    Hi Fredt,

    I respectfully disagree about your statement concerning doctors and what they recommend to their patients. I'm a doctor and I would only recommend something to my patients that I would recommend to my family. Every doctor I know feels the same. I also will be vaccinated as well as all of my staff. This is by their request.

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    My daughter who is six months pregnant and her husband just got their flu shots. My other daughter, SIL and 3 year old granddaughter are having theirs next week.

    I am suppose to start substitute teaching but hesitate until we find out more about the swine vaccine though my doctor recommended it. However, that is a moot point right now since I haven't felt well enough to start!!

    I do worry about my new grandson as he is not six months old and is going into day care next week. If I were well I would watch him. I also worry about my 89 soon to be 90 year old dad who just fractured his pelvis.

    I am not an alarmist. However I can not even imagine having the flu on top of this DD. I usually get flu shots every year when I taught as I did not want to catch or worse give the flu to anyone. I have continued to get them since being on disability.

    So people, don't just think of yourself, but others who may get the flu from you. Most of the deaths were people who had health conditions. I don't know if they would have lived with the vaccination but if it saves even one person, it is worth it.


    My BIL who is an oncologist/hematologist is also getting the shot plus all of his staff. He also recommends the flu shot to his patients.
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    If you are against getting the vaccine----gee, DON'T get it! Simple enough?? No one is twisting your unvaccinated arm and forcing you. Do what you feel is best for you, and stay away from the doctor and the flu clinic.

    If you feel the shot would protect you, then get it. Many of us have more than just Fibro or CFS we are concerned about. I have had Leukemia twice, and an unrelated bone marrow transplant a year ago, which means I have a fledgling immune system at best. I plan to follow my transplant oncologist/hematologist's recommendations about swine flu---which may or may not include "the shot".

    After the amount of toxic chemo needed to get me through transplant (roughly ten times the strength of any other chemo regimen for cancer) mercury in a vaccine is the least of my worries. But that's me----you need to do what you feel is best.

    If you feel the benefits outweigh the risks, get it. If you don't, then refrain and take your chances with the H1N1. Simple enough.

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    I think debate is good, and that presentation of opposing/dissenting viewpoints makes for stronger individual decision-making.

    On this current thread, as well as on the other swine flu vaccination shot threads started by Gap and others, there have been valid points raised, pro & con, for taking or refusing this vaccination.

    However, I'm a little concerned with what I hear from the mainstream press on radio & TV. It's all very pro-vacc -- with little info on any of the questions & uncertainties, other than issues like timing of vacc programs relative to "second wave" of H1N1 due to hit the US in a few weeks time.

    Do those of you who get cable TV (I don't) hear any debate or discussion about the value of mass H1N1 vacc? Or about analysis of the vaccine's ingredients? Is there any investigative journalism going on?

    Best wishes.
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    You do not hear about mass vaccinations as that is not going to happen. There is lots of info. out there

    You are right, don't always believe what you read or hear. I am sure that Shaun Hannity, et. al. would be opposing the vaccines but for me, he does not have a lot of credibility.

    However, there is a lot of information out there. I just posted something on the health board that gives you information. There is also some other information about what has been said

    It is really just a small but vocal group who are against vaccinations and the science is not there to prove the dangers of this vaccine.

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    I have seen comments like this come up a bit in attempts to get people to be vaccinated.
    "So people, don't just think of yourself, but others who may get the flu from you."

    It's very nice to think of others, but putting aside for now the question of whether or not the vaccine is safe, here are the possibilities:

    either A: the vaccine works and those others who may get the flu from unvaccinated people are already protected, so we don't really need to get the vaccine to keep the others safe

    or B: the vaccine does not work and getting the vaccine does not keep anyone safe, so again we don't really need to get the vaccine to keep the others safe

    Of course, if A is true, there is the risk that the people who do not get the vaccine might infect the others who also do not get it. However, those others have already chosen to take that risk bc they feel that the risk of the vaccine is worse than the risk of the flu, and they should be allowed to make that choice...and if we are truly thinking of others, then we should be thinking about the risks that the vaccine itself does carry and not pushing them into taking such risks.

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