Swine Flu...some helpful tips to protect yourself!

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    With all this talk about Swine Flu and vaccinations I thought I would share a couple of articles I came across. The best defense to keeping you safe from the flu is making sure your immune system is as strong as possible. I was listening to Dr. de Silva's radio show and heard him go over what to do to help protect yourself from getting the flu. An important point he made was to feed your body plenty of good nutrients through fresh foods and a full spectrum multi vitamin. (Dr. De Silva recommends a vitamin called ALL ONE) I went to the ALL ONE website and so far am very impressed with what I am seeing. Here is what Dr. de Silva has to say about protecting yourself from the swine flu:

    Swine Flu-H1N1

    There is no magic pill it is coming back to the basics to deal with preventing Swine Flu or any flu.
    Key things to do:
    1) Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.
    2.) Avoid shaking hands with people. This custom can easily transfer disease. I tell my interns never to shake patients hands but acknowledge them with bow and verbal hello.
    3) Practice basic immune system support
    Feed your body plenty of good nutrients through fresh foods and a full spectrum multi vitamin like ALL ONE.
    4) Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can really be a problem. Mucous membranes in the nose and mouth form a barrier against unwanted bacteria and viruses. When they get dried out that layer of protection is not able to do its job.
    5) Get enough rest
    Sleep regenerates the body and gives the immune system time to work at deeper levels.
    6) Regular exercise
    The lymphatic system needs to be stimulated to move toxins through the body. Walking, jumping on trampoline, stretching-yoga helps the body defend. No excuses-get off your butt and move your body.
    7) Cover your mouth and nose if you have to sneeze and cough into your elbow. If you use a tissue get rid of the tissue after ONE use.

    Swine Flu Vaccine is a very individual decision. This is a decision that you must make with your own doctor based on your medical status.

    I also found on the ALL ONE website a blog entry by Doug Ingolsby, owner of All-One, on how to protect yourself from the Swine Flu. Here is the link: