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    My 7 month pregnant daughter in law had the swine flu for a week before they confirmed it, now my son has it. They gave them scripts for tamiflu (sp) even though she is better but my son is very sick. Her doctor said for anyone who was around her could get the script for the medicine so I did. I feel ok so not sure if I should take it, by the way all the drug store around us are out but more is suppose to come in today.

    So I guess I am asking if anyone knows about this drug, I do have both evb and fibro, not sure what to do.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I agree do not take unless you have symptoms. But if you have a script get it filled. The problem is with FMS, at least what I have found, is that I feel many times that I am coming down with a virus and then it goes away. Ever since I was diagnosed with FMS and CFIDS I have not even gotten a FLU shot fearing that it may send me into a major flare.

    I will be traveling to Chihuahua Mexico in Sept for 3 weeks and am kinda worried about the swine flu; plus the violence(not going there for a vacation). I have done a lot of reasearch in the flu viruses and why they seem to hit in late fall/winter. I think it has to do with the production of Vitamin D and that we are low in it to begin with. I am uping my dosage of D and have my herbs ready to go with me. I'ts a pain enough going through customs with my meds I'm on. But I am so afraid of taking anything vacines or tamiflu becuase I think FMS/CFIDS is/may be an auto-immune system or may be one of it's causes.

    Anyways after all of that I would not take it unless you started feeling ill. Just my opinion as I am not a Dr. - although we all have to be with FMS and CFIDS.....lol - hope your family is ok. Please let us know!
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    I'm in a similiar situation.

    I spent time on Saturday with my daughter and 2 grandkids. Today my daughter called me to say all 3 of them are sick with flu symptoms! Oh My!

    If they are diagnosed with Swine flu, I will call my doctor and ask for the Tamiflu Rx. Then I will hold off on taking it until I have symptoms.

    I've read that you should begin the Tamiflu within 48 hrs. of the first symptoms. It is an effective treatment.

    I would not take the Tamiflu unless I develop symptoms.

    That's my opinion.

    Take real good care of yourself.


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    I'd say, wait and see. If you are truly CFIDS/ME, there's actually a very good chance you will not get Swine Flu even if you are exposed. Our immune systems are often hyper overdrive. We throw things off, even though we feel incredibly ill every day. If you really get actual flu symptoms that you are positive are not our regular disease symptoms, go with your gut instinct and take it. But if you feel you don't have it, just wait and see. I'm sorry your family members got it.
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    I did pick up the medicine and will hold off. I feel ok, well as ok as I can with the other stuff going on. I did have a flare of the ebv in early summer the new doctor I saw wanted to retest and sure enough it was there, I think he wanted to make sure. I told him all I wanted to do is sleep that this is what happens with me and no other doctor would bother to take my blood to retest.

    I do take grapeseed every day, thanks JAm and other supplements to. I did read do not take folic acid if you have the flu it can make it worse so holding off on that for a few days, I take a mega b's with it in it.

    Hope your feeling okay FibroFay and take good care of yourself.