Swiss Sorry I missed your post about root canals

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Yes I have heard of a file breaking off during a rootcanal. Some times it is just left there and will be just fine. But if it goes thru to the bottom of the tooth it could cause infection.

    IF you can't get any relief from this tooth I would have it pulled.Have your dentist do x-rays to see if he can find the cause for the pain your having. IF he can't find it see if you can get in to a endodauntist {SP} He can maybe find away to help you without losing the tooth.

    But if there is infection at the base of the tooth , it sometimes forms a bony covering over the infection in that case I would have the tooth pulled.

    When you have reached the point that the tooth is just causing you too much pain and nothing the dentist has done has helped then I would have it pulled. I hate to have you lose a tooth but if it is going to keep on hurting then it is better to lose the tooth and let the space heal up and then you can have a bridge put on it or a implant.

    I Hope the this helps you even though is it really late. I was taking care of my MOM in the hospital when you posted and just after that I could not get online for about 4 days. So I am really sorry that I didn't answer your question sooner. I am really sorry about this, I wish I would have seen it earlier. Please for give me for missing it and not answering your post.

    I HOpe that you have had it fixed now or will have soon.
    Again I am so sorry I Missed your post about rootcanals and the tips of a file being left in side the canal.

    I am so so sorry I missed your post.
    HUGS <
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    this back up for both of you~

    ? for Rosemarie:
    Do you know alot about this kinda stuff?? dental/rootcanals?
    If so,... I have a nagging question for ya. :)
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    I worked as a Dental Assistant for over 15 years and it was one of the best jobs I had. I Loved the work that I did and felt like I was doing something that was for the good of the people. And I was good at my job. So yes I Know aot about dental problems , What iiis it that is bothering you at this time. IF I can help I would be happy to answer OR tell you to see a Dentist if I don't know that answer.

    thanks Rosemarie
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    sorry to highjack your post!! LOL

    But I do have a question or big concern regarding an un-finished root canal.
    Ya see,.... In late spring (May?) I was found to need a root canal and crown on an almost front tooth. (its very visable lets say) The dentist was 8 months pregnant when she did MOST of the root canal, stuck all those different little files into the root, sealed the canal,and gave me a temp filling.
    The next appointment would have completed it, but the dentist left on maternity and the clinic had a very hard time replacing her.
    Hence: long story shortened a bit,....
    I still have'nt gotten it done!!
    I tried calling other dentists and nobody would take me since THEY did'nt start the RC. (and it does'nt help that I have low income insurance/medicaid)
    so here I sit waiting to get that tooth finished.
    Is that safe to do?? wait so long to complete a root canal? The tooth does'nt bother me in the least.
    but still. its been months!! I don't wanna lose that tooth!! and if it comes to that I'd feel as tho its their fault! for dragging their feet.
    I'd apreciate your thoughts please?
  5. tandy

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    back up again :)

    this boards flying!
  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    a million times for Rosemarie and me :)
  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    one last time,...
    this is exhausting!
  8. swiss

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    Thank you so much for the info. I appreciate your knowledge.

  9. tandy

    tandy New Member

    looking for Rosemarie??????

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