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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. morningsonshine

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    I just like changing my pictures, makes things more interesting.

    This is the horse we recently brought home for my son to ride. She's a sweet little mare.

    I think i posted about it before, about having to give up my young mare, and replace her with this one. She's still here as of now tho, not sure what is up with the lady that spoke up for her.

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    Great Photo of your Son and the new Pony! She looks Appaloosa,,,,,Great looking Horse,,,Your Son looks very handsome Too!

    Have you Heard of the Horse Therapy Programs? they are very big in MT.,,,alot of diabled folks of all ages get to ride horses with special Saddles and of course aide's guiding them!,,,,,Sis,,p.s. Wouldn't it be Great if the lady forgets to pick up your other Mare!
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  3. morningsonshine

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    Sorry for not getting back to you guys, and thanks for responding.

    She's a Colonial Spanish Horse, who dose carry the LP genes (appaloosa) In fact she is part of a very rare group of LP Spanish Mustangs, which are truely the original appy horses that were first brought to this country by the Spanish..

    Some of them were used long ago as foundation horses in the Appaloosa Registry, and the POA registry. But because these registries, have added other breeds at some point. They no longer are Spanish.

    These gene's have almost been lost to the Colonial Spanish Horses, and a group of breeders are trying to bring them back with all there colors.

    She's a sweet heart, and is going to be Daniels Therapy mount.
    She was already named when we got her, Dream. But Daniel wants to call her Queen, because, Grandpa's horse is called King. LOL

    Her color is a black varnished roan, she was born black.
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