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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pattilu, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. pattilu

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    I have fibromyalgia and my ankle is so swollen I can barely walk. Has anyone had this problem and know what would help.
  2. lin-z

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    i was diagnosed with fm 8 months ago and suddenly got very swollen lower legs specifically my left ankle. I was very concerned , when i went to the new rheumy and got my new blood work he is treating me for ra. I do not have an elevated ra factor but an elevated inflammation (esr and c-reactive protein)

    right now he is giving me prednisone to see how i would react and after only day 3 i feel soooo much better.

    dont know if it is applicable in your case but...
    good luck Linds
  3. Tigger57

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    Mine swell something awful. My rheumy put me on 80mg of Lasix every morning. That is a high dose, and still I'm swollen.

    This happened to me last fall and they put me on prednisone and within 24 hours I started to feel better. I don't know why they won't let me go back on the prednisone. I know it can be dangerous, but so can walking around with a leg that is so swollen that sometimes getting certain pants or shoes on is impossible.
  4. kimfibro

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    yes, my left ankle was very swollen starting last spring. for months i never did see the inside of my ankle bone. an rn friend of mine told me not to postpone, to have it looked at which i did.

    basically i had to keep it elevated like you've mentioned. was not put on prednisone but was told to get one of those ankle wraps for a sprain. that didn't help all that much.

    it hasn't been problematic for months but when i wear socks the left ankle is STILL the one that gets that deeply indented sock mark all around! i bet it swells again in spring when i TRY to get into walks each day.....

    it's just strange, isn't it?