Swollen Ankles and Feet??? Should I be concerned?

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    I've had this before and it eventually went away. When it happened before I talked to my doc and she said that as long as I didn't have pain that it was a common symptom of Fibro.

    Well it's back w/a vengance. It's mainly my left leg (like before). I have pitted edema too, really bad on my left ankle. The swelling is too the point where some of my shoes aren't fitting. There is no pain in my leg though.

    I'm not knowing if I should talk to the doc. I have an appt on Jan 2nd. She is not on my insurance plan right now so I have to pay cash to see her ($120.00) so I'd rather not go for this being that there's no pain. If I call I'm sure she'll make me come in. That's why I'm posting. Hoping someone on the board has been in my shoes and can possible put my mind at ease a bit.

    It wouldn't be such a worrysome deal if my shoes were fitting. I'm trying to set a presidence at work for dress code as the girl I work with is quite a sloppy dresser. I work for a construction company and we don't have to dress up for work (heels/hose). I can actually wear sweats when I flare up. When I do this I wear nice sweat outfits though.

    My boss has asked me to somehow address this w/her as he will not touch it. The only way he can address it is by setting a dress code. She is overweight and wears shirts that are too lowcut or goes the other way and wears old sweatshirts and jeans or sweaters that are old and balled up. She does alot of running around for the company and has to look presentable as she is representing the company. It's a tough situation as she cries when you have to correct her when she's made a mistake. (see my other posts to get the just of what I'm dealing with).

    I've decided the only way to deal with this issue is to set an example w/myself. She is only 22 and I'm 35 so I've decided to dress very nice each day. By that I mean Jeans, nice sweater or shirt, cute boots etc. Basically stylish. I've given her around 8 shirts/sweaters that would fit her and compliment her figure. She is pretty broke and can't afford much (2 kids etc). I, myself, have a clothes fettish so giving her stuff was no big deal.

    Anyway, that's beside the point of my health but is why I'm needing to be able to fit into stylish shoes. Can't wear sketchers every day. It's cold in Reno right now, actually snowing so boots or clogs are a must. I can feel my feet getting fat in the morning and by night they are like hot dogs ready to explode on the BBQ LOL. I lay w/them up in the air and I don't eat salty food.

    Has anyone taken a duretic for this???

    Any advice or help would be great.

    Hugs and love to all.
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    Just a few more things that may be related to the ankles and feet being swollen. i also have a very dry mouth and hoarse voice. I read about Sjogren's and dry mouth. I'm going to ask about both at my next appt too.

    I'm wondering about Sjogren's and the gland issue. Could it affect my ankles? Anyone know about this condition?

    Just curious.
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    hello i was reading your post and i got fms and sarcoidosis and i get the swelling like you and dry mouth but i cant tell you if its from the fms or the sarcoidosis have a look sarcoidosis just in case you may have it all the best jill
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    Swollen feet and ankles can be caused by many things. The only way to find out, is to have your doc rule each cause out.

    Mine are caused by diabetes and congestive heart failure.

    They can also be caused by kidney problems.

    I do happen to take a diuretic for this -- Lasix. However, you have to be careful taking water pills when you don't know what the problem is. For one thing, you are eliminating the "signs" of a problem. Another thing, taking water pills will also deplete the potassium in your system. Those who take diuretics normally take potassium supplements, too.

    I also have Sjogren's (dry eyes and mouth) and I don't think it has anything to do with swollen feet and ankles.

    Sorry, but I don't know what to suggest regarding you setting an example for your coworker while you have this problem. Maybe you can make a comment like "gee, I was trying to dress better so I wouldn't embarass the boss and the company, but I can't wear any nice shoes with these darned swollen feet!" ??????????

    When you go to the doc in January, be sure you mention this problem to him/her.

    Holiday Hugs,
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    I have had swollen feet/ankles and legs before. Diuretics will help. Walking helps. Another option is to wear support socks or knee highs. They are not ugly like they were in the past. The hosiery companies make compression socks that look pretty good and that help the fluid move out from the swollen areas. Usually when you wake up there is little no swelling right? Just put on the socks and it really helps keep them in control. Check out www.jobst.com (they have a dealer locator so you can find socks in your area) for information. You can try supportwear and see if that helps.

    But you really should address with your doctor as there are many reasons you could be swelling.

    I hope this information helps !
    Eliza Jane
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    I was diagnosed with sjogrens first about 2 years ago. I have the dry eyes and mouth. I also have ocassional swelling in legs and feet. The last time I had it, lasted 2 months. That was about 9 months ago.

    I was later diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My rheumy said the dry eyes and mouth can be caused by RA alone. I had changed rheumys. She says I may have sjogrens but is more concerned with my RA dx.

    I don't take a diurectic. I just try to increase water intake. Since mine finally went away, I just plan to keep an eye on it and check with my doc if it comes back and is slow to go away.

    I had a similar situation happen to me on a job long ago. I am not good at giving orders or encouraging grown ups to change their behavior.

    If it was me, I may have a heart to heart with her, but if it didn't work, I wouldn't worry too much as if it was so important, the boss would address it himself.

    I sometimes think people use others when they do not want to do a certain job themselves. If it is important for her to look a certain way going out to meet the public and representing the company, there should already be a dress code in effect. Just my opinion.


    P.S. I just remembered you said that you had hoarseness. I had this for about 5 years straight. I know I should have checked with my doc but didn't. I however was concerned and tired of being bloated. I went to the vitamin store and the clerk there told me to get "Yeast busters". It is a supplement to help with candida overload in the body. I am sure you have read a lot about this on this board.

    Anyway, 2 days after starting this supplement, I stopped being hoarse and it has not returned and that was about 1 1/2 months ago. This may be a coincident but if it is it is definetely a VERY BIG one, LOL.

    I had no idea this would clear up my hoarseness. It also has helped my stomach bloat also.
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