swollen eyes in the morning?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. lenasvn

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    I mistakenly posted this on the artritis board, but realised it when there was no replies! The FM board sure is active!

    swollen face in the morning

    Does anyone else wake up with puffy eyes and general swelling? I do alot, and wonder if anyone knows why? All the metabolic crap that goes on in our system, maybe? I can have weight fluctuations of 5 pounds in a 24 hour period, obviously fluid retention. Any input would be helpful, or maybe a rant about the unpredicatability of the fluid retention, meaning getting into the favvo jeans one day, but not the next!! LOL!
  2. Bailey-smom

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    I find the same thing - my weight can fluctuate 5 lbs morning to night and my eyes swell.

    Sometimes I use the models cure - preperation H under the eye takes the swelling down. hee hee But why they do it I do not know.

    Great question - lenasvn!!

  3. TwinMa

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    Do you have a feather pillow or down comforter? I used to have very swollen eyes in the morning and I finally figured out that I was allergic to the feather pillow I was using.

    Or could you be allergic to the laundry detergent or fabric softener you are using? With your face so close to bedding all night, you could be having an allergic reaction.

    I can't comment on the weight fluctuation.

  4. MaryCecelia

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    Wow. I was planning to post this same topic. My eyes are so tired, heavy, and swollen in the mornings, I can hardly hold them open. This continues off & on all day. What causes this? Is it because we're not getting deep, restorative sleep? What helps?? Thanks for posting.
  5. sdown

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    Hi, I have woken up with swollen eyes all year since Ive been fighting sinus infections. I went to a Nose Specialist and they found out I have nose polyps. I was prescribed a glutathione nasal spray. After 20 days my polyps were gone so I dont need surgery hoorah! My eyes are still swollen but the doctor said since Ive had sinus infections for 11 months it will take awhile for everything to drain. But Im continuing on the spray and it really is working. I feel my eyes draining everyday which is the a good thing the doctor said. I guess sinus problems are quite common. I was given Nasonex a cortisone (steroid) nasal spray but that didnt work. It was definitely the glutathione spray (its the master of all antioxidants). I was very lucky my family doctor prescribed it to me. So you might not have an infection but your ethmoid or frontal sinuses might be inflammed. Get the doc to check up your nose! Good luck.
  6. OptimusUndead

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    I find during the weeks that my sleep suffers the most, my eyes are the most swollen

    My Left eyelid often gets puffy, and its very noticable. One eye looks more open then the other if i dont try hard to widen them ^_- lol

    I even get twitching on my eyelids, and even under my eye. Haven't gotten it lately, but it seems to be recurring.
  7. Sbilek

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    I asked that same question to a very bright nutritionist I was seeing, and he informed me that it was due to the adrenal glands not working up to capacity.

    I also will wake up in the middle of the night with a very weird sensation that runs from my stomach area up to my throat, almost like a panic attack kind of thing, same thing, related to the adrenals, according to this nutritionist. That feeling is a rush or lack of blood sugar, can't rememember which now.

    It's quite common for fibro patients that their adrenal glands are not working up to capacity, which can also, I believe, affect the kidneys also not working up to capacity, which can cause toxicity build up by the kidneys not being able to adequately flush the toxins out of our systems, which thus results in a host of other fibro symptoms.

    This is why supplements that work on the adrenals often result in a lessening of fibro symptoms.

  8. TwinMa

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    I've been reading many back posts on Candida and garlic, and I found a post that you should read. Do a search for

    Title: Candida Cure
    User: hangininthere
    Date: 10/14/05

    It sounds like your problems with weight gain and puffy eyes could be Candida. I know Candida is a major culprit in these DD.

    Adding garlic to your regiment could help you out.

  9. MaryCecelia

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    Your post interested me because I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue thru. a test from Great Smokies Lab. I took Adrenogen (an adrenal glandular product) for about a year with no improvement & side effects of stomach trouble & appetite increase. What do you take for it? Thanks all of you for your replies.
  10. lenasvn

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    yeah, adrenal or Candida is probably the thing. I'll research on adrenal fatigue, and I'll keep pushing my @@#%@@ doc to get me my referral to a doc that diagnoses/treats FM/CFS.
  11. Sbilek

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    Mary, I'm not familiar with the Adrenogen you referenced. I do know that fixing adrenal fatigue is not an easy solution. It's really important to deal with the basic stuff that is causing adrenal fatigue to begin with, not getting enough proper sleep, stress in your life, eating sugars and the wrong type of carbs.

    I was taking adrenal products from Standard Process, prescribed by the nutritionist, and they did seem to work somewhat while I was on them.

    I had to take a dose medrol pack this spring from a very severe poison ivy reaction, which completely bottomed out my adrenals again. (Common side effect from those types of drugs) I've still not totally recuperated from the effects of the dose medrol pack, and, of course, I'm dealing with the menopausal thing of not being able to go to sleep, so I'm up till odd hours of the night and morning.

    I do find when I do get to bed by 10:00 pm and get a good nights sleep and get up at 6:00, I seem to have more energy.
    I'm really trying to stay away from the sugars and bad carbs, too, and have noticed a major difference, and stress, of course, I avoid it like the plague.

    Hope this helps,

  12. sdown

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    I had my adrenal glands tested. I believe it was at Great Smokies Lab (that's one of the labs my US doc from Kansas City uses her name is Dr. Carol Ann Ryser - great doc). Im taking 25 mg a day of cortef for my adrenal gland exhaustion. I also take DHEA. It all helps. I have swollen eyes as well. Im hoping it will go away soon. I had lots of sinus infections this year and my doc said my eyes were still inflamed. I have 2 more weeks left on this glutathione nasal spray.