swollen feet and ankles and crackly ears wierd symptoms

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  1. mdjaj2231

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    Anyone ever hear of this combo? I had lost a lot of hearing, but got a lot back with steroid drops. The ears are still super-crackly.

    My feet and ankles are soooo swollen. I want to cry. I'm a teacher, and can't take any more time off. All the conventional stuff doesn't help. I'm off all meds., and going to see a cardiologist in case it has to do with my mitral valve prolapse.

    It's so tough. Thanks for any help. :)
  2. mdjaj2231

    mdjaj2231 New Member

    I've tried it before and it didn't help with anything. What brand do people recommend?
  3. Renae610

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    My daughter has those symptoms. She has been chronically ill for 9 years but got Fibro in 2007.
    Several months after the Fibro diagnosis, the crackly ear came. It is only in her right ear.

    (1) One doctor thought it was virus-related.
    (2) Another doc took a look and said there was fluid on her ear and thought it was related to allergies or sinus infection.
    (3) Someone else thought it was TMJ - related, which is a typical Fibro problem, but she had that treated by an Orthodontist and still having the problem.
    (4) Another thought it could be some form of strep and should try Colloidal Silver but that didn't help.

    Prior to this ear issue, we were going to try hyperbaric oxygen treatment to kill off organisms, but we couldn't get a doc to prescribe that soon enough and now he won't because of the crackly ear.