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    I would like to know if any of you with CFS and Fibro occasionally get very tender, swollen glands below your ear lobe along the jaw. I have had CFS and Fibro for almost 17 years and every once in a while this happens.....currently happening, and very uncomfortable. Any input relating to this would be greatly appreciated. It sometimes seems to be triggered by seasonal/temperature change and high pollen count.

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    I get swollen glands sometimes. I used to get them often until I realized that they were being caused by toxins. I use to get flu-like flares and swollen glands that would last 7-10 days. I thought I was getting colds and flu's but it would happen year round once or twice every month.

    About a year ago I started using dandelion root to help clear toxins. I started taking 5-6grams a day as a tea and felt worse for a few days because I was taking to much to fast. After a few days I felt better and have not had a flare and swollen glands that lasted more than a day or two since! Usually the flares and swollen glands I get now only last several hours.

    I believe that the swollen glands are caused by an overloaded lymphatic system. That's what those glands are under the jaw, lymph glands. The purpose of the lymph glands are to help clear the body of toxins and help fight infections.

    The dandelion root works well, but if you try it I suggest you start off slow. Maybe take 1 capsule (400-500mg) of the whole root every other day or even every three days and slowly work up to where you feel best. Realizing how big a part toxins where playing in my cfs was a HUGE lightbulb moment for me! Best of luck to you--- Jim
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    Almost always mean our immune systems are fighting something and trying to flush it out through the lymph system. We can add a bit of heat and massage the lymph areas to get them moving. This should be gently done in a downward motion.

    Love, Mikie
  4. harrysmom

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    I, too, have used the saltwater and that seems to help somewhat. Thank you for your input.

  5. harrysmom

    harrysmom Member

    I will try that massage idea.
  6. harrysmom

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    Although I am one of the super-sensitive who cannot tolerate supplements I do agree with your statements regarding toxins and will do what I can to address that part of the problem. Appreciate your input.
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    Hi everyone..
    I get that too.. I was having it really bad last year about this time.. I may have even posted on it..
    My Dr referred me to Sayre.. to the Oral surgeon because I still have my wisdom teeth.. so she thought that could be what was going on under my jaw and throat area..
    But when I went down, they took Xrays and the nurse said Oh yeah.. You have one them there..
    My son went with me.. I was scared they were going to try and pull them and didn't want to be alone.. but.. The Oral surgeon said they couldnt pull them.. and She wouldnt reccomend it.. but she said that wasn't the problem?

    She said she thought it was all the fascia tissue and she said to keep taking Ibruprofem and using lots of heat.. and when it is really flared up.. to talk less and not eat foods like hard to chew.. pizza .. nuts etc..
    So for like 3months.. I was basically on a soft diet.. which was ok.. sorta.. I lost 10 lbs.. but.. I still have alot of issues with my neck.. and I did have whiplash in my neck back in 08.. think it was.. there abouts.. but.. the Hospital had me in a soft neck brace for about 6 wks.. and went to Physical Therapy.. think its been twice.. But.. last year it seemed to get worse?
    Too, when I was a child.. I fell down some stairs.. actually there wasn't any at all and I fell into a basement.. so.. I have had a fractured collar bone.. which I sometimes wonder that is why I get alot of collar bone pains the past yr or two..
    But thing is.. I love to sing.. and I do online karaoke.. but more so in the wintertime.. I have a hard time singing.. sometimes it flares everything up in this area... The Dentist .. as I said.. told me to cut back on talking so when it flares up.. ( like it is now).. I don't go to the site and sing.. but.. its hard.. then with the other topic I wrote on.. with the ear wax and like.. between the two of them and muscle spasms.. not been feeling too great.. and it comes and goes.. I do have the TMJ also.. so between it all.. it hasn't been fun.. and feeling quite miserable..
    I try to be positive but sometimes it is hard to..
    But this with the glands.. the last time I went to my Dr in the Fall.. ( Ive done good with no colds and viruses all winter) knock on wood..
    She did write on my paper swollen glands.. for it was bothering me this past fall.. She give me an antibiotic but I didn't fill it because I wasn't having a fever.. But..
    Have any of You had anything like this or similar.. along with the swollen glands? Plus.. seems like I did remember reading something about gargling with the salt water.. so will try that tonite before going to bed.. and see if that helps any with the toxins..
    Sending all healing hugs!..
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