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  1. dsames

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    I saw my dr. 2 weeks ago for a sinus infection. At that time in the process of the examination, he mentioned my glands in the neck were swollen. I thought there was something going on there as well, because they had been burning.

    I just finished 2 weeks of ceclor (antibiotic), the sinus infection seems to be gone, however my neck is still burning. Obviously, I will need to be rechecked by the dr, but my question is:

    Do people with fibro tend to be susceptible to gland infections and is this another symptom Ihave to be aware of.

    My dr. is a real sweetie, and we have developed a good rapport. He is open to suggestions but I am sure not aware of everything that goes on with Fibro.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. 2girls

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    I'm no expert but I do not believe FMSers are necessarily more prone to gland infections. Our glands feel swollen and sore often yet there is no inflammation. I often feel my glands are swollen, including the ones in my mouth yet there is no evidence of infection.

  3. Flibble

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    I get the swollen glands all the time. It does not mean an infection in my case all the time. I think our immune systems are so hyper vigilant that it just happens to us alot. My theory! Feel better. Flibble
  4. dsames

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    Thanks for your reply, interesting theory that our glands may be super hyper. Makes sense, because some times they hurt (in the same day) and sometimes not.
  5. healing

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    I have had swollen, enlarged glands in my neck for as long as I can remember. Sometimes they're tender; sometimes they are not. I just always assumed they were part of this mysterious thing that is going on with my body....
  6. PatPalmer

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    My daughter had severe swollen glands, and tested positive with mycoplasma pneumoniae.
    Was give a two week course of Antibiotics but turns out no where near long enough to get the critters, - she had been on Olive Leaf instead now for 8 weeks and seems to be getting much better.

  7. allie124

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    I have had swollen glands as far back as I can remember, well into childhood. I was not a sickly child and when I would get a cold it didn't wipe me out as it does now. I have been told by the doctors that the glands in my neck are enlarged, but not abnormal or infected, but to keep an eye on them. They are not always sore, but I'm so used to it at this point I don't always notice. I also don't bother with antibiotics (allergic to most) unless I have to. Instead, every few weeks I take a blend from Futurebiotics called "garlic, echinacea, goldenseal +" it has several other herbs in it, including ginger root, astragalus, and cayenne. It helps me to keep the infections away, but I always have drainage down the back of my throat. If I don't keep it moving then my ears are in alot of pain and get so blocked that I cannot hear. This is how I learned of guaifenesin years ago. Not for FMS, but to keep my ears clear, after the doctors couldn't think of anything else after being on antibiotics for 4 weeks. I hadn't been diagnosed with FMS or CFS at that time. I just thought I was always fighting off a cold or sinus infection. Also, one doctor did a Lymph Massage, very gentle downward strokes that put very little pressure on the glands, but help to get things moving. I know there are practitioners out there, but I just do it myself and it has helped a great deal.
  8. kerrymygirl

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    Did you check out my post on sore throats or head injury? Glsnds and lyme node enlargement are telling you something. They are their as fighters of infection just as our plasma is when we get swollen after injury. When they are flared you probably have a stealth vius or bacteria actiong up in your system. They are trying to fight and protect. Of course you can not see what is going on inside of you. Take Care hugsssss But we sure do feel it~~lol
  9. Mikie

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    Suffer chronic low-grade temperatures, sore throats, and swollen glands. This is most common in CFIDS, but there is a lot of overlap in symptoms.

    Going on ABX therapy (Doxycycline) has done away with those symptoms for me, along with IBS and migraine-type headaches. I also have CFIDS.

    Love, Mikie