Swollen hands and feet !!!!!

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    I am having a bad time with my feet more than anything.My feet do not seem to bend when I walk because of swelling.

    I am actually a shoe size larger than I use to be and never wear slippers/socks around the house due to the burning I suffer in my feet and hands!

    Last night I fell asleep while on PC and woke up.Went to bathroom and when sitting down my feet seemed to go numb.I was poking them to get some movement into them and when I stood up I fell into shower!!!!!

    Quite scary!!!
    I am going to docs Monday .......but was wondering if anyone else has had these problems??


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    I retain water a lot and my doctor gave me Spironolactone to help with the swelling. The burning and numbness COULD be a neuropathy. I use Lyrica for mine, but mine is diabetic neuropathy. If you want to go natural, try a turmeric supplement. Don't take it before bed, though, because you'll be in the bathroom all night!

    Soft hugs,
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    has symptoms which include stiffness and immobility of the hands and feet. Some people's hands and feet are swollen and this seems to be cyclical.

    It is made much worse by sitting for long periods (more than 20 minutes) with the back erect rather than slanted back in a reposed posture. This suggests it is being excerbated by a lumbar spine compression.

    Before sitting on computer, dining or other upright seats it is useful to stretch and not to sit more than 20 minutes without standing and stretching, preferably walking about a bit before sitting again.

    While sitting ensure you exercise your feet

    Do you get muscle cramps in your feet?
    What drugs or supplements do you take?
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    My feet are swollen when I wake up in the morning!
    This only started getting worse about 6 weeks ago but it is a pain in the butt now!

    My walking is getting worse and I have a lot of swelling in the veins of my feet.Can only wear training shoes for comfort if I go out.

    I also have tissue damage in my right leg....doc said it was cellulitis.
    I use a circulation booster machine every day to keep my feet and legs healthy because I dont get out much.

    Another doc told me to wear flight socks and keep my leg elevated!!

    I take tramadol/paracetamol anti-inflammitries but they dont help.

    But I live on !!!!!

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    I definitely agree with Stacey when she said the burning and numbness could be neuropathic pain. Two of the main meds that are given are lyrica and gabapentin for that. I don't have diabetic neuropathy but I do have neuropathy problems. I sustained back injuries, have herniated discs, DDD and arthritis in my spine. Some areas are worse than others and that is the origin of my neuropathic pain. Then add fibro to the mix and who knows what we can come up with.

    My swelling tends to normally be cyclic but this time has been constant in both legs & feet since my last two falls where when I went to stand it was like my right leg wasn't even there and I landed on the floor. The swelling in my right leg and ankle are so bad that I can't walk down the stairs at night to even go to my bedroom so I have been sleeping on the sofa for over a month now. I have had to cut the tops of socks for in the house because of the pain they were causing by cutting into my legs.

    If you have no injury and no idea why it is happening you should speak to your doctor about it. When my swelling is mild, I use apple cider vinegar capsule and that helps. My doctor has also given me lasix to use when it is bad but this time it isn't working. So, I honestly feel part of it is from my back problems being worse (MRI done last week to investigate) and my falls.

    Keep us posted how you make out.