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    Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe I overdid something but for the last 2 days, especially during the night and in the a.m. my hands swell up. I don't know if it's due to the really cold weather, monthly cycle, or I ate too much, but this is really weird. It actually woke me up last night because I felt my ring getting too tight! Any idea what this could be? My normal aches and pains are the same, can this be a different sort of fibro flare up?

    Thank you in advance if you have any info.


    p.s. you guys are invaluable. It's like having "experts" at my (fat) fingertips 24x7!! Thanks again.
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    more questions coming! :)

    Are your hands definitely swollen? I have read that with FM there can be a feeling of swelling, without actual swelling. That's what I seem to have, as my hands are great in exam but always feel lousy. Sometimes I do think my watch seems a bit snugger, though. When I get really warm or use my hands a lot, they feel more puffy. Were you particularly warm so your hands may have swelled just a bit?

    Did it involve both your hands? Have you had any other swelling, especially on both sides? Has the swelling gone down? My RA symptoms began with swelling in my hands, although it was one finger at a time that was noticeable. Might you have some type of arthritis (there are more than 100 different kinds)?

    Of course, it could be FM. Symptoms can be worse in the morning. Could there be swelling from your neck or pressure on your nerves that is causing symptoms?[This Message was Edited on 11/26/2005]
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I was checked for pinched nerves a long time ago. I did eat alot over the past few days and my period is due any second. I did a lot of lifting this week (cleaning and stuff). I've slowed down on my supplements too. I was on vacation last week and my schedule was sloppy so I didn't take them on schedule like I usually do. It's very strange though because it starts at night and by the time I wake up in the a.m., it's hard to bend my fingers. Do you swell up with arthritis? I've tested negative for this but who knows.
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    When I wake in the morning they are very stiff and sometimes they swell.

    I've been checked for RA and the doc. said it can be part of FM.

  5. joanng

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    Thanks everyone. I've been tested for Lyme's, all is ok This just started Thursday night.
    Yes, it's definitely swollen. My rings got very tight and once I finally got them off, I can't get them back on!

    "Did it involve both your hands? Yes
    Has the swelling gone down? Yes, then back up at night.
    "My RA symptoms began with swelling in my hands, although it was one finger at a time that was noticeable." I have had trouble with 1 finger on my right hand but now it's both HANDS!

    I have no other unusual pains or numbness (I have some but it's the "normal" stuff). I'll start back up on all my supplements and hopefully the monthly thing will happen soon and maybe that's it. Cold water makes them feel better.
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    Joann, I too, have swollen hands at night & in the morning. This happens probably 3-4x a week, there actually is swelling my wedding band gets tight, but they feel more swollen than they actually are & this is also both hands. My feet swell into baloons when I walk alot & are extremely sore. I asked my doc about this & his statement to me was -- sitting alot makes your blood pool into your feet, & I was dismissed. I was way confused, I was pretty sure I stressed the fact this happens when I walk for a long period of time(grocery shopping). Anyhow, cold water works good for me too, or ice packs, I figured I couldn't get an answer from the "doc" then I would find a way to be comfortable. Hopefully this will go away for you, you could of had too much salt in some food & didnt realize it, or it very well could be nature! Just keep moving those hands, it can be difficult, but you will feel better. Good Luck, hang in there!!
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    Do you think it might be something you ate????? I say this because, although usually I eat very plain food, I went to Sizzler's with a friend a few weeks ago for lunch. I really noticed the high levels of carbs. and flavours in all the food, even though I stayed away from what looked to be really highly seasoned and flavoured or sugared. That was a Saturday: By Sunday Midday my hands and feet were so swollen that I could scarcely slip into my sandals and I was unable to clench my hands because the fingers were so swollen. Felt and looked swollen and very uncomfortable.

    Two days later, all the swelling was gone and things were back to normal The weather was the same. All I could put it down to was a reaction to a chemical in something that I ate.

    Could that have been what happened to you?
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    I have recently lost enough weight to wear my wedding rings.The day I put them on was the first time I have worn them in 11 years.I was so happy.Wore then all day and night but woke up during the night cause the rings were feeling tight on my hands.For 2 more days I couldn't get my wedding rings on but yesterday I could.My hnads have always been a bit swollen but I always blew it off as my weight.My RD checks my hands everytime I go in for RA.It's a mystery to me.But it sure felt so nice to be able to wear my rings again.The engagement ring is so beautiful.I am gonna give it a try today.I pray that they will fit.
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    This is something that has happened to me all my life. It happens more often in warmer weather, but still happens enough in very cold weather to be a huge nuisance also.

    It seems to come on if I've overdone or if I'm stressed. DH and I bought new wedding bands several years back, I got mine several sizes too large. Right now my hands are normal and the ring is very loose, when my hands swell, it can get so bad that my wedding band can get embedded into the flesh on my finger. Hurts like a sun-of-a-gun too! Definitely has that bloated, sore feeling.

    My feet and hands have swollen whether or not I've been sitting all day, so inactivity is not the trigger. Sometimes the swelling goes up past my wrists and ankles. OUCH.

    Like I said, this is a lifelong problem. Not one doctor I've ever consulted has had an explanation for it.

    ???? Another "fibro-goodie" ?

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    Are your finger joints red as well as your hands being generally swollen? If so, it's possible you have RA, even if you do not test positive. I've gone to a number of different rheumies over the years, and the first diagnosed me with seronegative RA. The next said that I didn't have RA, but it was FMS. Now they are saying I have FMS and autoimmune complex, which includes symptoms in common with RA, lupus, and other autoimmune disorders.

    Bottom line--if your joints are red and/or hot, you probably have more than FMS going on and need to see your doctor. If the symptom comes and goes, make sure you say this. It may help to keep a symptom diary so that even if you aren't red and swollen when you see the doc, you'll be taken seriously.
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    I was getting worried about U and was ready to post when I saw this.
    During my move my hands were HORRID and I also stopped taking my supplements. It started with one or two fingers locking than the big guns came out. 1 week after the move and not straining them they are better. I swear by the Move Free and fish oil too. Yesterday, I was using my De Walt yesterday. Last evening and today I noticed my hands were hurting until I got moving.
    If something U ate had MSG in it that could be a problem if U are not used to it.
    How are you making out with the dr. in Clark. Still have no results from Dr. L in NY --Quest, for all they charge they are slower than slow. Today I went for a brain scan, somethings going on with my eyes. I think the Dr. is just being cautious, let up hope so.

    Getting back on your supplements will help but it takes a bit for the body to catch up. In the meantime call your doctor.
    Happy Thanksgiving Belated!
  12. maripat

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    Swollen and stiff hands was one of my main symptoms when this thing started. I also have carpel tunnel in both wrists. Almost all of my finger joints have artheritis so between that and the fibro my hands are often the worst part of this DD for me.
    A couple years ago I had special little gold beads put into my wedding ring so I could get it over my fat finger.
  13. southerncross

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    I haven't worn rings in about 5 years, because my hands were always swelling. I didn't relate it at first to the fibromyalgia, but I think it is somehow connected. Do the palms of your hands also stay red?
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    Thank you all. Today it seems a bit better but now I'm battling a very strange headache. Must be a) hormonal or b) another type of flare-up. I've been laying low this past week. I took vacation time and really took care of myself Mon-Wed. I treated myself to many, many naps and it was wonderful. Of course, the holiday probably put me under but the rest was so nice. I went back to the Dr in Clark for get my meds renewed and we talked some more about the yoga which I'm going to pursue this week. I wanted to do it today but my niece needed help with something unexpectedly. So far he's ok. He altered my meds a bit to give me more relief, I go back in 1 month. I've been thinking of everyone and praying for all to get some relief especially now that the holidays are picking up. People expect a lot from us and it gets me mad sometimes. A "friend" reamed me out on Saturday because I didn't return a phone call last Monday. I asked her if she tried the other 2 numbers she has for me and she said no but she left me a message and was really pee o'd that I didn't call her back AND she has fibro so she knows that sometimes we're not always at the top of our game! I wanted to smack her...I told her I was in bed, taking care of myself and if it was SO important she should have called me again instead of waiting until Saturday to yell at me. I'm praying for her too!
  15. ulala

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    MSG and other preservatives and flavors. The body retains water to try to dilute the offending substance, hence the swollen hands and after awhile they go back down to normal.

    Try to note what you ate before your hands got swollen. Also high salt content food will make your hands swell. The flavoring MSG is mono SODIUM glutamate and is notorious for causing swelling. Also high carb foods can cause it.
  16. cph13

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    should rally understand Joann...I remember U mentioned her once before. She wouldn't listen to your advice. We are all needy and sometimes scared. She of all people should know better than to be demanding. You are a wise woman, praying for her. She'll be OK. More importantly U have to take care of your business.

    I'd like to know what the dr. in Clark suggested. I hope to get results from the Dr. in NY this week. I also went for a brain scan today. Yes, on Sunday. I had to wait 1 month NY Pres is so backed up. It was an easy trip but a concerning test. However, what is ...just is. One thing I know ... if it's ment to be we will all SURVIVE. If our time is up...it is. AND SO IT GOES.

    I was proud of me. This was the first time I drove in NY in years, than with the new wheels. The FDR is the only way to go when U are traveling up to the 60's on the East side.
    Guess I'm growin' up little by little.
    Hope U'r hands are better. Probably just overworked.
    Keep in touch
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    If your supplement levels have changed and you have been eating differently (especially over Thanksgiving), I'm wondering if your salt intake increased? Especially since it is right before your period, it might make a difference for awhile. If it continues, I would definitely ask your doc.
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    I believe my problem with swollen hands comes from two things at diffrent times lol.If I wake up in the morning extra stiff and achy my hands are always swollen.I this situation I relate it to way to many bad carbs.I just recently been looking into leaky gut syndrome as if I need another problem.But what I have read so far makes alot of since that when your food does not get properly digested it can irrtate the lining of your intestines therefore releasing toxins into the blood stream.In return the body of course steps into defense against the toxins,creating an allergic reaction.I was thinking to myself how horrible I felt the morning after thanksgiving so I sat here reading and reading.I finally concluded to come up with a way to fight off the allergic reaction if that was the cause.Soooo I decided to eat the same exact meal.I took a benadryl before I ate it and also I took another before I went to bed.I woke up feeling very good.I don't think it would be safe to do it on a regular bases but I am going to try it on days I know I consumed way to many bad carbs and just play with that for awhile.The other reason I get puffy hands and it isn't just my hands it is my whole body and that is in sunlight,or getting to hot even here at home.One other thing is that if I wake up feeling awful I drink alot so I can tinkle alot as soon as I have had a bowel movement the puffiness improves,as that is why I believe it has more to do with some sort of food allergy.Good luck I hate the puffy hand thing lol!
  19. catsmeow369mi

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    I think I have the flu. You know the 2 week one & my hands (palms & all of hands) have been hurting soooo bad. I figured it was just the bug I have but I don't know. I hope its not a new part of the fm.