Swollen Knee for 4wks Is FM?? any advise...

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    Hi All...
    Just thought I'd ask: Have had a swollen/painful/sometimes numb rt. knee for a while now. Kinda started out of the blue--after a massage. A good massage--not painful or anything and I dont recall injuring it either...After 2 1/2 weeks went to orthopedist. He xrayed--was ok: Said there was prob. injury/inflammation/some fluid (well duh??! LOL)
    Anyway--his suggestion was to drain the knee and then fill it with steroids/cortisone. I did not think this was my FIRST choice--so I said I'd think about it. Since then I have used ice/cold pack a few times a day and tried to remember to take tylenol or excedrin or aspirin for inflammation. Then knee did get warm one day--but just for a couple of hours and then was ok. No fever, or redness.

    Still it is swollen--not grossly huge but about 1-2 inches around bigger than the other. It hurts at the "trigger points" for FM and the pain goes on knee cap--spreading to calf (almost feels tight--but calf not swollen) and pain up into thigh. I try to stay off it--hahahah--have a life, family and mom w/dementia, but I have tried to elevate it several times a day and wear brace to go out.

    Could this be FM?? I am SO frustrated--guess I could see the rheumy--but that is so costly. Any suggestions are welcome!
    Thanks to all--blessing all around.

  2. efrazer

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    To even be considered to have FM you have to have pressure pain or pain at at least 11 of the 18 trigger poins on the body and the knees are just of the places. I have extreme pain at all 18 points also in my hands, feet and face.

    Youmay want to get a second opinion about your knee if it has been that long without improvement. If it gets worse you never know if you will have problems for the rest of your life. Good luck in finding out what is wrong.
  3. cshellz

    cshellz New Member

    But I was already dx with fm last September by a rheumy and a neuro--I thought I was getting MS and found out it was FM. I just brought out the trigger point on knee to see if the pain and swelling are part of this dd or if the trigger hurt with fm and the pain and swelling were yet ANOTHER problem....(sigh).
    I had pain in 16 trigger points when diagnosed.
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