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  1. Sunshyne1027

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    Anyone else here get swollen leg, or legs, or just one leg one week, the other at another time. Either one, or one?

    Been having swollen legs for a time now. Its in my left leg mostly now. I thought elevating it, sleeping a little more, it would help, but hasnt. I tried water pills, no help. Now, the joint, in the knee... Painful. Using a cane to get around more so now.

    Anyone else? Any advice or anything at all?
  2. Dara

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    My neighbor had a swollen leg with very little pain. It turned out to be a blood clot, something that should probably be checked out right away. I know my ankles will swell during the summer when it is hot out, but not just one side. If it were me, I would definitely have it checked out as soon as possible.

  3. Sunshyne1027

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    Not too long ago, around a month or so. It was my right leg, painful and swollen. Went to the ER and they thought the same thing also.. So did a ultrasound to rule out the clot, and there is no clots whatsover in my legs. Went to my regular doc, who is a family practioner. He put me on the water pills, then mentioned getting a MRI done, then also a Ultrasound of the pelvic/cervical area. Not sure why a Ultasound, but know the MRI was going to be for possible scliatic..(sp) nerve problems, in the back.

    Anyways, lost my health insurance, my husbands on Workers comp, we cant keep the health premiums up.. So no longer health insured.

    Got a appointment coming up now though, for a sliding scale health clinic, through the city health department. They also can refer me out for any tests.. etc. for a sliding scale fee. Hope it works out, they got me down for July 1st. Taking my records from the family doc with me too. Also pamplets.. ordered off of here.. LOL.. With me too, about FM.

    Long story, made short.. Clots are ruled out, still got swelling and painful knee joints, elevating, taking the water pills, not helping. Hope the heck to get some sort of explanation on it all soon..Some relief would be great.

  4. Dara

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    ( I absolutely just drew a blank here - what I'm trying to ask about is what makes you get rid of excess fluid) I know one of the B Vitamins is one. For some reason Parsley sticks in my mind, but right now I don't think I have a mind, I can't remember...lol

  5. anniegetyourgun

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    B6 is the vitamin that acts as a diuretic. Drinking green tea seems to help me a little, but mostly staying off of my feet and not sitting for prolonged periods of time helps prevent the swelling even more.

    I have been on tylenol #3 for quite awhile and read that codeine can cause swelling of the extremities in some people. I was hoping that was the cause of my swelling, but have recently switched to Ultram after an auto accident and still have the swelling.

    If anyone has any "secret remedies", please let the rest of us know!

  6. Breel

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    Hi everyone who mentioned the swollen legs thing. I have had swollen legs for many years now. Sometimes they are worse than others. Usually after I sleep and get up they have gone down some; but as soon as my body is up the swelling returns. My legs are very painful inside and inflamed. I went to a doctor last year about my legs and he put me in the hospital. I had the scan on my legs for blood clots and some heart test. I have high blood pressure and later on my doc told me that he was thinking I could be having congestive heart failure. Nothing helps the swelling. I was put on liquid lasix in the hospital through an iv that only went in my hand and there they gave me a shot of the liquid lasix, not with an iv that releases fluids to the body. I have taken the pills from the dr. for fluid and I am taking an antiflammatory called Bextra and I stay swollen. I am on my feet on my job all day for many hours and I suppose that is why they never go down. Take care and like everyone says maybe you should get it checked out some more. Bye, Breel
  7. levis

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    I have a consistant pain in my left leg too.
    Even if i have been out for a short while my leg begins to swell up.
    I don't take any pills for it just rub in Devils Claw cream and take loads of hot baths.

    I guess it's the fibro and man it hurts, noticed though when this happens i also get muscle pain in my chest to.
    I'm only 27 but most of the time feel as though i'm 67!!!!

  8. elizajane40

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    See your doctor to rule out any major problems. He may put you on a dieretic. Another option is to wear some lightweight support hosiery. Go to www.jobst.com for more information. I used to work there. Great products, I wear the ultrasheer 8-15's knee highs and the Sensifoot crew socks. They help with the swelling and no one can tell they are support hosiery. I bought mine when I worked there on employee discount. They are expensive so if you are interested check out the website's "Locate a Dealer" you just put in your zip code and it will find dealers in your area. Call them to check their pricing. Also check with the doctor to see if what compression level of stocking you may need. Hope this helps! I don't work there anymore, just really believe in the product. Promise!
  9. Moonshyne

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    Hello all...

    Just a thought here-- I had an incident last summer with one leg swelling up and turning purple... went to the doc.. they had no clue what caused it... i gave it a couple days and it went away.

    However.... I also learned I have Mitral Valve Prolapse & Tricuspid Valve also regurges... from there I found out MVP can cause swelling in your legs... ! Check with a doc on that... Usually MVP doesn't require any meds unless the valve starts to regurg too much blood... then it becomes a problem. But also know many cfs/fibro symptoms are some how
    related to MVP...either many of the symptoms are similar or they are connected in some way ... tho I don't understand the connection-- it seems many people with cfs/fibro also have MVP... get your heart checked... !!

    MVP is often found by detection of a heart murmor...

    good luck!