Swollen limph nodes

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  1. nktigger99

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    I have a question I was hopeing someone could help with. My limph nodes are swollen right now. Last Friday I thought I was going into a flare...tired,fever,PAIN. But I got a lot of rest and did moderate exercise over the weekend so I think I will be okay. But my limph nodes are swollen...the ones on the back of my neck and the ones on the front.

    what could be going on?

    My meds are:

    Loperamide (When needed)
    fiber theraphy

  2. Hippen

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    So sorry that you are sick. As you know, swollen lymph nodes can be from an infection or virus. From working at the hospital, I do know that the lymph nodes in the back of the neck hints towards a virus in the body. Have you called the doctor? Have you been tested for EBV or Mono? I would suggest that you make an appoinment with your doc to see if this is more than a flare. Do you have a headache or stiff neck? Is your throat sore? This could be a bad flare or many other things even more serious. Please let us know what the doc says after you see him or her...PLEASE !!!!!! Love, Hippen
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    Bumping for more ideas
  4. stillafreemind

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    I am not real smart on the medical side of things..but I can sure tell ya my experiences and what I do to get it under control..okay?

    I get this alot..I do not know if its fms/cfs or just being plain toxic or what..but I do the following and it has almost always relieved this situation for me.

    I get my faithful Vicks out..and really rub it in. I get my garlic caps out and take at least a couple during the day (or evening) I try to eat onions and I try to massage my nodes downward.

    This really has helped me..hope it helps you. Oh, I use Garlisan..it has garlic, alfalfa and cheyenne in it.
    Good luck! ..Sherry
  5. kayfrey

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    Hi there!

    I am just getting over an upper respitory infection. My symptoms were swollen glands, fever, bad aches and for a day or 2 I had a litte nausea. I called my doctor and when the nurse called back I asked about the symptoms and she said thaat an upper respitory infection could make you have all those symptoms, so they called in a Z Pack, antibiotics
    and I am feelingg a lot better, give your doctor a call.

    Hope this helped?

  6. ksp56

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    The nodes around my jaw line and the side of my neck, swell quite a bit. Usually happens when I am under a lot of stress, overtired, and even if I have just a 'hint' of a cold. Sometimes they are swollen in the morning and back down by late morning. Sometimes it can be weeks.

    Take care of yourself and know, you aren't alone!