Swollen lymph nodes/ sarcoidosis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mlrarr, Jun 16, 2006.

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    Hello again

    I am having a hard time with these swollen lymph nodes under my arm. I have Kaiser insurance so I dont get to see the same doctor every time I go, so I have to tell them all over again about what is happening to me.

    I have had these swollen lymph nodes for about 10 months now. They hurt off and on. Sometimes they are just swollen and dont hurt but on the day they do man!!

    The doctor took a blood test it came back fine. He felt of them and said they were not hard and he could kinda move them so he thought everything was ok. He said if they were hard and "never" hurt that could mean trouble. But because they hurt off and on its ok.

    I have been reading all the post here about this. Has anyone had their lymph nodes swell continully with "on and off" pain? Or are they painful all the time?

    Also I have been reading the post about sarcoidosis. About a year ago I had this cough- it was so bad- that caused the lymph nodes to swell around my lungs- the doctor never followed up on the problem. To this day I get short winded. I also had to have a cyst taken off my chest by my collor bone. I now have one on my back on my upper shoulder.

    Can anyone out there who has that please tell me any other symptoms that might have.

    Thank you all
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    Yes, I have had swollen lymph nodes under my arms for about twenty years. They are probably the most swollen they have been the last couple years. The doctors don`t seem to take it seriously. As long as my blood work comes back ok they dismiss it. It worries me but I don`t know what else I can do about it.
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    Man how do you keep from worring yourself to death? If I get to thinking about it I can go crazy!!!

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    Do your legs/feet get swollen?

    My son in law got sarcoidosis and he had a terrible cough and his legs were terribly swollen, so badly he couldn't wear his shoes and had bad time walking.

    Have you had lungs xrayed? Scanned? bEEN SEEN by a pulmonologist? My SIL had all those and a lung biopsy too.

    He is doing very well on whatever med they gave him...antibiotic I think, and diuretic to get fluid out of legs. He's back at work and says he feels real good.

    With CFS, my neck and underarm lymph nodes get very sore and swollen on and off. I usually feel very "virally" ill at those times.

    Lymph massage is good, someone here has posted on it. Maybe you could do a search about it?

    I don't think its a sign of doom, so try to build up your immune system and find a way to move your lymph along so it won't get the nodes clogged.

    The best to you,
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    Please visit the Marshall Protocol website. Lots of people there are getting better with the Marshall Protocol.

    Go to the top of the immunesupport page and click Library and you will find interviews with Dr. Marshall. He had Sarcoidosis and found a cure for himself and it's working on many other disorders as well.

    I have Chronic Fatigue and I have been on the MP for almost a year.

    Take Care
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    Sometimes I can drive myself crazy trying to find out why my lymph nodes are swollen. I know a person that has cancer. Although I do not have any symptoms at all like he has . When they are swollen the days they are painful I feel sick. But somedays I dont.
    Thanks to all who are posting it truly helps

  8. mlrarr

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    Anyone else?

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