Swollen, red knee. No visible injury but hurts a lot. Hurts more when I wal

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    Ok so I skateboard and weeks back, while going downhill, I sped up a little too much and so I fell on the road. I had normal skateboard injuries, nothing that I had not seen before and now it is all fine. However, after University today, I felt that my knee was hurting a lot even when only the cloth would touch it. I undressed to check it out and thought that it was because of the pimple. I burst it but the swelling and the redness didn't go away. It hurts more and more when I walk and it looks quite red when I walk around. What is the matter and is it serious?

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    Go to the Dr. You could have done any one of numerous things to it and only a MD can tell you what and what to do about it.

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    Hi you should go to doctor in case of infection