Swollen, red knee. No visible injury but hurts a lot. Hurts more when I wal

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    Ok so I skateboard and weeks back, while going downhill, I sped up a little too much and so I fell on the road. I had normal skateboard injuries, nothing that I had not seen before and now it is all fine. However, after University today, I felt that my knee was hurting a lot even when only the cloth would touch it. I undressed to check it out and thought that it was because of the pimple. I burst it but the swelling and the redness didn't go away. It hurts more and more when I walk and it looks quite red when I walk around. What is the matter and is it serious?

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    We are not drs here, so cannot guess or advise.

    However, if it is red and swollen and hurting,
    after this long,
    it is worth having it checked by a dr.

    It might be infected, and need help to get better.

    I don't know what else.

    If it also has any sign of streaks from it, or if it is hot,
    then even more reason to go to a medical facility asap, to get help with it.
    You would not want it to worsen and effect the rest of you. SO I don't know if it is serious or not,
    but it sounds like it is worth having it properly checked.

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    How's your knee?

    If not improving, is there a university medical clinic to get it checked?

    If it's not better and you are not havving it checked,
    i would , if its got the pimple/blister,
    I'd put warm/hot compresses on it, for a while,
    (warm water on washcloth)
    and then wash it, if it's open at all,
    then dry,
    (bactine, and first aid cream or antibiotic ointment wouldn't hurt)

    and then I'd apply cold/ice pack, to reduce swelling.

    You can put anything cold (a wet washcloth, or bag of frozen veggies) into a plastic baggie, and apply it, for a cold pack.
    Swelling equals pain. Cold reduces swelling.

    But, as I said, if it's still red, swollen and paining when you walk, it would be best to have someone medical check it for you.

    Good luck,

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    Go to the Dr. You could have done any one of numerous things to it and only a MD can tell you what and what to do about it.

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    Hi you should go to doctor in case of infection