Swollen, tender glands in armpits

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Englishleigh, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. Englishleigh

    Englishleigh New Member

    Does anyone get these or did you get them in the beginning of your CFS/FMS? I hate this!!! They HURT.
  2. Mel77304

    Mel77304 New Member

    Yes I sure do. And they do hurt. Know how you feel. Hope yours gets better soon.

    Soft and gentle hugs,
  3. JuliannaG

    JuliannaG New Member

    funny thing though, now that I am well into this DD, I don't get it anymore. I wonder why that is?
  4. Red1967

    Red1967 New Member

    swollen lymph nodes or sweat glands? The sweat glands are nearer the skin surface. My hubby used to have his sweat glands swell and hurt like crazy. Turned out he was using a kind of antiperspirant that didn't agree with him. His doc said to use sprays or liquid rollons only, not sticks, as they can cause the openings of the glands to become blocked, and lead to infections.
  5. citrine

    citrine New Member

    Hi, I also have painful armpits and are swollen,so I know how you feel, it is also nerve wrecking, I hope you can get some relief, I use a heating pad when I need it. Take Care, Citrine
  6. Englishleigh

    Englishleigh New Member

    I have no idea if they are lymph nodes or sweat glands!! What do the sweat glands feel like when swollen? This feels like a small, raised little circular knot just under the skin, and the skin gets red and it hurts like the dickens. And sometimes there is a pimple-like head on top?? That sounds more like a sweat gland, doesn't it?? OMG!! But my dr. said it was a lymph node??
  7. Red1967

    Red1967 New Member

    the same symptoms hubby had with the sweat gland thing - exactly! His were at first thought to be lymph nodes too, then they figured it out. They thought he would need surgery to remove some of the worst ones as meds did absolutely nothing.

    I've also read about this as a chronic condition - can't remember the name of it, but I think I got the info from a google of "infected sweat glands" - not certain about that though.

    It wouldn't hurt to try switching antiperspirants anyway, and if it's what hubby had, improvement will be pretty quick - within 2 days. He also has to be really careful about making sure soap is thoroughly rinsed off and the area dried carefully. And he always wears white cotton t-shirts under his work uniform, just as an added precaution his doc suggested.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  8. cookstove

    cookstove New Member

    Many of the fibromyalgia books list this as one of the side effects to look for. I have not had this problem since I went on the guai treatment program. Thank goodness.

    Before that, they would periodically get so bad that I would talk myself into thinking that I needed to go to the doctor to have a breast exam for cancer. Each year my yearly checkup and mammogram showed nothing.

    I was so relieved when I read that in some of the books on fibromyalgia so that at least I could quit worrying so much about the condition when it flared up.
  9. Red1967

    Red1967 New Member

    of the chronic condition : Hidradenitis suppurativa
    If you google the name you'll get lots more info about sweat glands than you ever wanted to know.

    My hubby has had about a half dozen episodes, though since he started taking all the precautions he does, there haven't been any problems.
    Hope this helps someone!
    Good luck!
  10. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...it went away. One thing they say to do that helps is hold a hot wash cloth on them while you're in the shower to open up the clogged pores. That does work, took a few days before it actually went away altogether.

    Leigh, yours definitely sound like sweat gland problems to me (though I'm not a doc & no substitute for one, I want to qualify that) but being just under the surface & kind of red on top---that's usually sweat glands, not lymph. But if the hot compress thing doesn't help, check it out further....

    Good luck,