swooshing sound in left ear UPDATE

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by razorqueen, Sep 28, 2007.

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    I had to go on a gluten free diet- I am Celiac. It took 9 YEARS to get the right Dx for that! The "swooshing" had gone on for probably 3 years. But, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, and it is hard to describe. I think that's why Dr's don't know what to do.

    Do you ever feel lightheaded?

  2. Lillie17

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    I have some tinnitus in the left ear also. It is greater when I am in a more agitated or excited mood, and of course I hear it more at night.

    What is odd (and this is no joke) is that if I stroke the left side of my neck when I am lying down at night, the tinnitus has a sound like a glockenspiel.

    I attribute it to the FM or CFS.

  3. Rafiki

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    Let's not assume that this is tinnitus. Tinnitus is incredibly annoying (!!!) but benign... if being driven crazy can be considered benign.

    BUT, a sound in one ear can be a bruit which can be a very serious symptom caused by blood pulsing over an obstruction!

    A sound in one ear should never be brushed off as no biggee... not by the person hearing it and not by their doctor.

    Make sure it's not a bruit (pronounced: brewie).

  4. DizzyS

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    I get this and lightheaded too...why do you ask? Because it may be gluten intolerance? I also get pulsing in other areas as well...especially my stomach, its like a nerve jumping..had it for years.
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    A bruit is what I have and like I said stroke symptoms were what I was told to look out for.

    A neurologist is the best person to see about this.

    I totally agree with Rafiki.

    It may be nothing but you need to see a doctor (or two) and make sure.

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    I appreciate the warnings and sharing of experiences but some of you guys are so funny the way you express yourselves....

    I have been having trouble with my ears and excess wax it seems, when i said to the doc of the swooshing sound, she just said, NO ITS NOT TINNITUS, IT WILL CLEAR UP!

    oK 6 weeks later its still there and am fairly deaf in my left ear again, am going to another doc on Monday and see what he says

    previously I did this and doc took swab and i had a fungi type thing cleared with antibiotics.....

    Man oh man if i ask her about a bruit she will certify me I reckon,,,,,

    Angel hugs and blessings to us all
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    I went to the Chiro today and she wouldn't touch my neck when I told her about the swooshing in my left ear. She said it could be a blockage or anurism. Could be nothing. She didn't want to take any chance and I don't blame her. I tried to see if I could see my dr today, but no go.

    It is the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and My bro and family are coming out from Calgary, so I've been really busy.

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    low seratonin
  9. bunnyfluff

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    would also cause lightheadedness.

    Dizzy- you also have a lot of Lyme symptoms from what I can tell. Please ask for an Igenex test to rule this out, as well.

  10. froggyfog

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    It took 3 doctors before I was dx with the Pulsitle Bruit.

    My regular doctor tried to help with sinus meds...without results...then he sent me to a Ear, Nose and Throat doctor(ENT) who checked my ears and sent me for a hearing test....no problems there of course.

    From there I was sent to a Neurologist who dx finally.

    I guess what I am saying is the doctors have to look at the most obvious reasons first but if those dx don't pan out then you are moved along until the basic stuff is narrowed out.

    Raz, your chiro doc was very smart not to work on you until you get it checked out.

  11. Rafiki

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    I'm so glad, Razorqueen, that you are taking this seriously and that those treating you are, too.

    Froggyfoggy and I have been urging caution just in case. But, as Froggyfoggy found out, just in case happens sometimes. Sorry Froggyfoggy.

    I think this brings up a very interesting point. Sometimes we describe a symptom on here and there is a chorus of: oh yeah, I get that too, had it for years, no problem. That can be dangerous.

    It can be dangerous because we don't all describe things the same way. It can be dangerous because the same symptom in two different people can mean different things. It can be dangerous because we may have been wrong to dismiss it ourselves.

    Just some food for thought.

  12. razorqueen

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    I saw my dr today, and my blood pressure if good, dr couldn't hear any bruit when listening with his stethascope. I had a hearing test done, and another test where they tested the pressure in each ear.

    My Ferritin levels are very low [5-6] could it be that? Anyways, the dr didn't seem concerned at all.

    I am seeing an Optomotrist on Tuesday afternoon.
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    I had ear noises for about a year and went to several dotors about it and they all said there's nothing wrong.. That is until I saw a specialist.. It turns out that I have MPS (myofascial pain syndrome) in my neck which causes the muscle in my neck to push up into my eustation tube.
    It causes my ear to feel like it's plugged and I kept trying to drain it by laying on that side. It finally got to the point of causing TN (trigeminal neuralgia) that hurt so bad that I ended up crawling to the bathroom to empty my stomach.
    Please try to at least get MPS ruled out.
  14. razorqueen

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    well, this something I KNOW I DO have! especially in my neck and shoulders!. I was wondering if it could be something like that too. I know I need a really GOOD massage, and the therapist I have now is NOT cutting the mustard! It is soo cold in her room and she doesnt' use any heat to loosing up my muscles to get them ready. I can hardly wait until my regular therapist is back from mat. leave!
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    I also have that same swooshing sound in my left ear for the last 8 years. I also have suffered all my life, from the age of 7 years old from migraines. I am now 57 years young. My diagnosis FMS, MFPS and CFIDS was made in 1987.

    Until 2006 I worked as a medical Asst. and a Muscle Therapist, my specialty was FMS and MFPS.

    There have been many things mentioned that could cause this swooshing sound and only a couple are logical. We all have FMS and have to be very aware that it can mimmick many other illnesses. Some doctors may even dismiss some more serious symptoms to the fact you have FMS.

    I'm not telling this to alarm you but to make you aware that sometimes a little more research of your own and more persistance with your doctors pays off in the long run.

    That swooshing sound I have wasn't from my FMS or MFPS but from a narrowing in my right Cerebral Artery and there isn't anything short of brain surgery that will fix it. You are right an MRI will not show something like this. It was picked up in what is called a Trans Cranial Doppler, or in an Arterial Gram.

    One other major problem I was having throuout my entire adult life,was episodes of my heart racing for no reason. It would reach 120 plus BPM, for 10 to 20 minutes. My doctors told me I was having panic attacks.

    Finaly at the age of 48, with in two days I had two episodes the first lasted 30 minutes. I took my pulse,it was 160...to the ER. They got a normal sinus rythum,they sent me home. 24 hours later the same thing happens, only this time I'm gasping for air.
    To make a very long story I was misdiagnoes for over 20 years. I had an electrcal short in my heart and now may need a pacemaker if the procedure I had done was not totaly sucessful. I was youg and just did whatever the doctor said . Not anymore. I DO MY HOME WORK! Please do yours.

    Peace and Love
  18. bunnyfluff

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    You have the identical symptoms I had 7 years ago. Low iron, even tho I ate well, swooshing in my left ear....I had undiagnosed Celiac's disease. I had to almost die before someone figured it out! Take a simple blood test and rule it out.

  19. Maryjesposito

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    OK...SO My husband asked me three times to research online how to get rid of the "breathing in his ear". I found nothing serious on the sites I looked up. Lighten up on caffeine, loud sounds, all kinds of self help ideas and opinions of what it could be. Now precisely two months later he still lies in a coma after having three brain surgeries from a ruptured AVM. Now going backward and looking up warning signs for AVM I find that that sound was a due to AVM. Had we known or pushed for an MRI, maybe we could have done surgery before it ruptured. I went back and e-mailed many of those sites saying please list AVM as potential cause for the sound in the ear...and encourage people to push for an MRI before just trying to cure it in all these ways. If you find it not serious then go ahead with all the little tricks to try, and diet changes, etc.