Symptom Poll --Results!!

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    A big thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my recent symptom poll. I conducted it because I had thought I was the only one to suffer from this array of symptoms. Imagine my surprise!
    Anyway, I thought you all might be interested to see the results expressed as a percentage of those who responded. I think you'll find it of interest:

    1)Frequently waking up with a body part numb (numbness disappears after moving)

    2)Variable vision in one or both eyes from day to day. Feeling that your eye prescription is constantly changing.

    3)Visual floaters in the eye -- greater number/more noticeable than before FM dx.

    4)Problems with gum infections or dental problems.

    5)Irritable or over-sensitive bladder. Sensation that you need to go more than normal.

    6)Tingling sensations in feet and hands.

    7)Hand/arm tremors after over-exertion.

    8)Fatigue/exhaustion threshold much greater than before FM.

    9)Hyper skin-sensitivity and migratory burning sensations.

    10)Muscle weakness and soreness after repeated use, the weakness appearing later on rather than at the time.

    And of course, there were some symptoms omitted that would have scored 100%, most notably muscle and joint pain, and also possibly fibro fog. I suspect IBS would have been pretty high too.

    Anybody doubting their dx might find the above list of interest.

    Thanks again for helping out!