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  1. justlooking

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    Hi all. I have had these strange crashlike episodes after a bath/shower or any activity/exercise. I wondered if anyone else has or had them and know what they could be.

    About 5-10 minutes after my body temperature increases (hot bath/shower or activity), my body starts to have these symptoms
    chest constriction
    fainting feeling
    sometimes sweatiness

    It almost feels like a Hypoglycemic episode but it is obviously brought on by the increase in my body temperature. It happens EVERY time, whether I have eaten or not eaten, which is why I am doubting the Hypoglycemic episode (which I have had many times and the feeling is the same, but different...if that makes sense)

    I don't do exercise or activities usually but occasionally will do vacuuming or weeding and it happens every time after about 20 minutes I begin getting overheated and the symptoms start. The symptoms are really bad when I do activity and when it hits, it makes me sit down from the fatigue, dizziness and shaking. I think it is because I my body gets hotter for a longer period of time than with a shower or bath. Just a theory though.

    I have had low blood sugar and high calcium tests for the past year or 18 months. Based on those things my Drs have suggested I be tested for Addisons and for Hyperparathyroidism, which I have put off. I have not shared these symptoms with my Drs., I alwasy forget when I am seeing the Dr .

    Anyway, does this sound familiar to anyone?
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  2. dragon06

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    I get some of those symptoms when I over heat. To avoid it I only have lukewarm showers and stuff like that. When I can't avoid getting hot I have neck "coolers" that I wear to help bring my body temperature down.

    However, since your doctor's have already requested that you be tested for a specific illness then I would hurry up and get these tests done because you need those answers. Also I would make sure the next time you see your doctor that you explain these symptoms. It is very important that your doctor knows all of your symptoms so that they can adequately treat you. It is possible these symptoms you are experiencing are relates to the illnesses they want you tested for.
  3. vannafeelbettr

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    I just assume it is because of a quick drop in blood pressure. I was like that with my pregnancies.... always fainting in the shower. Got this way again with the FM.
    I happen to mention it to my docotr my last visit and she tells me I should go to the ER next time it happens, because it could be a virus. i don't go to ER, as I'm used to it. I don't need to rack up anymore high co-pays when I know that by the time I get to ER, it will have passed and nothing will show up on a test!!

    Good Luck!!!
  4. hwy101

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    Try looking up Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Or POTS. I was DX with this in Jan. and it is awful. You need a tilt table test to check this condition. Good Luck. B
  5. xchocoholic

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    I'm not doing this after a shower anymore, but I am doing this after being active for 20 minutes. Do your showers last 20 minutes ?

    I've been trying to understand if it's blood glucose related myself. My understanding is that we run out of glucose after 20 minutes and our bodies have to switch to glycogenesis. I think my body has a problem with this.

    Have you tried eating a spoonful of honey or drinking a couple of ounces of OJ prior to taking a shower or excercising ? Some diabetics have to do this.

    This helps me sometimes ...

    Also, have you tried the Paleo diet for your hypoglycemia ? My GTT was normal the last time, but I'm still doing this so I'm not sure what's up. Dr. Myhill said it could take a while for our livers to function properly ...

    I'm also investigating the possibility that it's a mito problem.


    PS. I just had some labs last week to try to figure out what this is. Hopefully, I'll know something in a few weeks when we get the results back.

    PPS. I forgot to add that you can have hypoglycemia symptoms when your BG levels are low normal.[This Message was Edited on 09/20/2008]
  6. cordy250

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    to a nurse practitioner who was my main caregiver during an experimental drug study, she felt that they were probably attributable to vasodilation caused by the hot water, which reduces blood pressure. Since I have low blood pressure anyway it was a short hop to being very faint and dizzy.
  7. Catseye

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    This is what this disease is all about. You should load up on supplements and then go about fixing digestion because you aren't absorbing nutrients from the food you're eating. It doesn't matter how healthy you eat at this point.

    Get a good mineral supplement, like Krebs Cycle Chelates and see for info on why the guts and digestion need to be fixed. The mito fuels should help greatly, too. Things like magnesium malate, acetyl l carnitine, coq10 and ribose are the precursors to ATP, the body's energy molecule. And get a good multi from the health food store, not anything crappy like Centrum. I like Alive Whole Food Energizer, and Nutri Clear by Biotics Research.

    I used to be like that, but got over it by taking tons of supplements and fixing digestion. See my thread "toxic guts, toxic body, why do a comprehensive stool analysis" for more details on how I'm fixing digestion.

    good luck

  8. jenn_c

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    Never before until this DD!!!!!!!!!!! Now ifI do not open the bathroom window before I shower (which in winter hell no) I have to take a 1/2 xanax. I feel like my stomache is in my throat, shaking, respirations out of whack, light headed. My thyroid gets tested every year, and every year it comes back normal.

    Here is another odd one, I started taking vitamin d and calcium- caused my legs to swell. Waiting for blood tests to come back.

  9. star273

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    I am always curious to know what the heck this stuff is all about. It doesnt happen when I shower too much, but it does happen when I mow the lawn or go for a walk or wash the car. I always get shaky, sweaty, and I cant breath. I also get very dizzy. I dont know what it is. I have had it for so long I just am so used to it now. I know that when your body temperature drops or goes up, like a real hot bath or shower, that your body does get funny. I have heard it is like that for most people, but I dont know or understand about the rest of the symptoms. I agree with Jenn, there is something in xanax that works for me too. I hate taking xanax because it makes me so tired, but it helps with all my symptoms. SO to that I have to say.... is it because with our DD we have some kind of nervous system issue or is it that the world is full of stress everyday and thats what all of our problems are caused by??? I dont know, all I have to say is before I found this site, I thought I was the only one alive with all this crap. I am so relieved to know I am not the only one. Also, I have to wonder, when will all these crazy symptoms stop? Will there always be another one to add to the list? Okay, i have to admit. This DD runs my life and I guess it really has been getting to me lately. Sorry I am going on and on. It makes me feel better to talk about it sometimes I guess.
    Good luck and I hope we all get some relief....
  10. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    for your responses and I will respond to you all soon. I am dealing with a 3 days migraine and can't keep my head up for too long.
    I also will be looking again at some of your old posts Karen. I always read them but sometimes my brain isn't as astute as yours is LOL. I noticed one about PEM I will be reading too.

    Will respond to everyone when my headache is better and I can think again.
  11. greatgran

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    So glad to see this post as I have the same experience. Also if I am in the sun or out door high temps for more than 15 to 20 minutes the same thing happens.

    I have tested my blood sugar and its not that, the symptoms are somewhat alike but yet so different. My doc told me it was anxiety. Everything that happens to me is anxiety.

    My calcium levels are normal. My doc did say high calcium levels would cause anxiety.

    No help but can sure relate. Xanax helps me also, so was glad to hear I am not the only one that takes a xanax before a shower.

    Sorry, I have no answer but can relate,

  12. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    Yeah, I know I should go get the tests, but I am so sick of all my Drs appts all the time. I just had surgery a couple of months ago and I know if I have Hyperparathyroidism, I will have to have another surgery. I guess I am being a chicken! I am sure I will break down soon and just go get them done. The neck coolers are a great idea though.

    Your theory is the same as my husbands. However I've not always had this problem, only for a few years and its gotten worse, so something must be causing it. I hope you find your source and if you do please share! And be careful in the shower, ok?

    I've read about POTS recently but I can't remember what I read now. I'll go back and google it. Thanks for the info. What were your symptoms and how did you get diagnosed?

    Yes it is so similar to Hypoglycemia but different because I start to black out and I can see the pulsing of my heart in my eyes (does that make sense). I also eat before I go in the shower or bath but it still happens. I started to eat before to test if it may be low blood sugar. My baths definitely last 20 minutes (ahhhhh, love them) but my showers are pretty quick. I will have to read more about glycogenisis, I've not heard of it. As for a special diet, I probably should but my weight is very low (5'6" and 96-98lbs) so going on any type of special eating program may not be right for me now, but I will look at the program and see if it is something I could do. I am still a chocoholic LOL

    I have low blood pressure too. I will look into vasodilation, thanks for the info.

    I can't say I am a good eater! I recently had my gallbladder out and due to the years of gallbladder problems I had gotten down to eating very few things, only those that didnt' cause digestive problems. I had a terrible time taking supplements during my bad gallbladder years. The supplements, like Lysine would trigger an attack. I am still really gun-shy about taking new things. Based on peoples suggestions thru the years I have bought so many supplements, but I am scared to take them as my past experience with my stomach (gallbladder) has been excruciating. They all just sit on the counter collecting dust!!! I will go back and re-read your posts as I know they will be helpful.

    I take Xanex but only at bedtime. I could see how these episode could be panic attacks in some people, very similar symptoms. I am glad you found something that helps you.

    Your symptoms sound a lot like mine. I am glad you have something that helps you. You are not alone in these illnesses and finding your way to this site will definitely help you find support, advice and ideas. I have been here for about 5 years and have learned so much about these illnesses. Welcome to the site!

    I am so sorry you have anxiety. I usually have anxiety at night, mostly when I lay down and have time to think, which is why I take Xanex at night. It puts my mind at rest and allows me to sleep. Without it I would stay awake and worry, plus i have some OCD so I would probably check the windows and doors until sunlight LOL. I hope you find some relief for you anxiety and if i find out what is causing my symptoms, I will definitely post it to help out all of you who have these symptoms too.

    Oh I love jacuzzis and hot baths. We have a jacuzzi in our back yard but I am afraid to get in it by myself in case I pass out. I definitely have to be careful about the temperature of my baths though and if I am already feeling weak, I will take a shower instead. Because I have high calcium, I've read that taking Vitamin D can cause my calcium to increase more, possibly to harmful levels.

    Thank you all for your responses!
  13. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    I just remembered, almost 8 yrs ago, before I was dx with FM, I was in a hot tub and thought I was going to pass out, stomache in throat feeling. I only had right sided pain at the time. My docter and myself thought my pain was the arthritis I have. UHM... makes me wonder.

    Also, my son 9 yrs old, has frequent back spasms and pain. I try not to talk about my pain and where it is. Hubby and both kids know I am in pain by the look on my face. So anyways, there has been several times where my son will have pain in different areas. Usually it is where my trigger point of pain is that day. He is very sensative (personality wise). His head is sensative, when I wash his hair or brush it,as easyas I can he will complain that it hurts. He also has ADHD, and had an unknow virus at the age of 2. Noone knows what it was. The virus attacked jis neurological system.The only residual effect he has left is right hand tremors. He had 2 brain MRI's. It showed that certain areas o his brain lights up brighter than others. I am going to start a post about this. Thanks for listening.

  14. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Have you tried them? Maybe some of it is liver congestion?

    If you know you need something, just open up a capsule and try taking just a smidgen of it, that might avoid an attack. That's about all I can suggest! I don't know anything about what to do with no gallbladder except to take some things that help do its job. That's weird about lysine, I would never have guessed that lysine could bring on a gallbladder attack. I take tons of lysine every day.

    good luck

  15. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic New Member

    Has anyone else noticed that this feeling goes away if you lay down flat and stay quiet for 20 - 60 minutes ? Sitting helps a little, but laying down brings me back to feeling healthy again.

    I do this 1 -3 times a day while I'm at home to get rid of this feeling.

    I wonder why laying down fixes this ? I know that I have to run to the toilet when I'm finished laying down. So maybe it's a kidney problem. I have no idea ...