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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrotina, Aug 31, 2005.

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    My doctor put me on the anti inflammatory Feldene a week ago this past Saturday. I took the first pill in the morning with a bowl of cereal and had the worst heartburn I'd ever experienced. 12 hours later I took the second pill... 4 hours later I was so sick. I had the heartburn like they show in the commercial where the stomach and entire throat are are on fire, nausea, indigestion and sharp pains in my stomach. It made me throw up too. After that 2nd pill I quit taking the drug. Now it's been 10 days with no anti inflammatory and I am still having nausea, heartburn, indigestion and stomach pains... and oh yeah.. sorry.. but I also have black stool.

    I called my doctors office and of course had to leave a message...told them my symptoms and that I quit taking the Feldene. 2 Days later the nurse called and left a message on my answering machine saying the Dr is going to send me to a rheumatologist, stop taking the Feldene and pick up a new presctiption for a new anti inflammatory, and if I have any questions to call her back. I've tried calling her back 3 times and have gotten no where... leave messages but I dont think she gets them. In her message she said nothing about my symptoms. I've never experienced any of these symptoms before and am a bit nervous about it and can't seem to get any answers.

    Anyone else have these symptoms??
  2. fibrotina

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    Finally got in to see the Doctor today. He put me on Nexium for 10 days and then said to switch to Prilosec OTC since my prescription coverage is only for generics it would be cheaper that way. Turns out the black stool is from taking pepto bismol... man where is the warning on the damn bottle!!
    Anyway I am off of anti-inflammatories and my Doctor is trying to get me in with the best rheumy in the area.. guess these days the rheumatologists are actually picking what cases they will take and such... which kinda makes me mad... so I have to wait and see if they will see me or not.
    If I am not better by Tuesday call the office on Tuesday and if I get worse then I have been told to go to the ER.

    Have a great weekend all and thanks so much for all the help and wonderful people on here!!!

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    So glad your doing better, and that the Black Stool was from a med. Peto-Bismo, (sp?). My DH uses that all the time, I'm going to ask him if he ever had this afterwards, seems there would be some kind of warning, huh?

    Sometimes you can't get into see a Rhuemotoligst because they are so swamed, they don't take on New Pt's, till there's an opening.
    My Favortie Dr. is a Rhuemy Doc. and her Office gal's, let me know when she is taking new Pt.s so I can recommed her, if I come across someone in my area, who is in need of a Knowledgeable Dr.

    She's the Top's, here is Long Beach, and I have never heard one bad thing about her, and I have actually met other Pt's of her's when sitting in Other Dr's office's, same HMO's lol.

    Anyway, I do hope you get to see one, who has a Handel on this and can help you as much as my Dr. has me.
    It's a real Blessing. She has gone to Bat for me, with the PCP, and the Pain Dr. a couple of times, when they were causing me grief. This was when I first started with this HMO, what a pain that was. grr.

    Now, thank goodness, everyone of my Caregivers are working togeather, and I haven't had a Glich for awhile,
    Hmm , maybe I shouldn't have said that, lol, lol.
    Seems like that is when things do happen, eh? ;o]

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