Symptoms for men?

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    Just curious if other men could give there symptoms and how they started. I have been recieving abx treatment for a year and wondering if I should cont.

    My symptoms started after a flu in June 2003 and there were no tickbites. I have had plenty of tickbites in past, but. My #1 symptom is a 24/7 high like feeling that includes fog, dizziness, fatgue, stuffy ears and nose, screwed up vision like my brain and eyes are not working together.

    My #2 symptom is pain. For a lot of people this would be #1 but I worked many years with leg pain(muscle), 13 years to be exact. It is still the same leg pain, just worse. It effects my sleep and causes much depression. The pain frequantly effects my lower back and I have terrible burning in back, shoulders and arms. The burning also happens in my face, when it does I feel like I am running a fever. I also have a buzzing feeling in whole body that will turn to a strong vibrating feeling after activity such as mowing the lawn. Sometimes I get left flank pain.

    Also, GI problems. Acid reflux hits me every day from 2pm-7pm, these are the hours I am most active. Constipation and hemmorhoids. I have had these problems for 10 years. Other symptoms are confusion, anxiety, frequant urination, and others that dont happen enough to mention.

    I lost my medicaid so can not see my llmd anymore but I do have a drawer full of abx. Should I treat myself? Is it possible I dont have lyme? no positive, no bullseye and very little joint pain other than ankles, not to mention a year of abx with no benifet. So if any men here can relate about my symptoms than please let me know so I can feel better about dx.

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    my son was getting all my CFIDS symptoms (I've never been tested myself) initially, starting at about age 13-14 - insomnia, quite often ill with 'flu', unrefreshed sleep, brain fog, incoherency at times, problems with memory retention, lethargy unless he got mad at himself for being 'lazy' and says he can't remember NOT seeing 'floaters'.. altho no blurry vision.

    These symptoms were along with some I do not have - he was hit with a lot of anxiety and depression which caused him to have to drop out repeatedly from high school (finally just went and got his GED). Psychotropics caused paradoxical reactions so he won't even try any anymore.

    After a couple or more years of all of those symptoms increasing, his pain started--

    first with carpal tunnel in both hands & limbs falling asleep, progressed to joints aching with pain migrating around, neuropathies in limbs when standing too long,

    He tried to work for a while at Subway just for his own self-esteem but had to quit after 3 1/2 months due to burning/aching in his shoulders and arms caused quickly by repetitive movement and increasing fatigue, plus standing caused shooting pains and numbness in lower legs/feet.

    I know it is difficult to keep on treating if one doesn't have a firm dx, and the doubts that it can raise. He is now 18, almost 19, has been on abx for past 13 months. His blood test came up thankfully positive for Lyme being active, or he'd be in denial for sure.

    My son has not responded that well with oral abx so far either - the only real improvement is that he gained back the 10# he'd lost.

    He is now trying some oral RX protocols for probable coinfections like babeosis and bartonella. His tests for those were negative, but the tests are extremely unreliable statistically. He seems to be showing more of a herx for the bartonella, cognitively speaking. Again, I have read co-infections are more the rule than exception, and those need to be treated as well.

    And of course what symptoms and the severity of them are going to be dependent on where you're genetically weaker.

    My daughter's BF was camping once, afterwards got 'the flu' and seemed to recover... but a couple of months later his vision suddenly started to blur. His MD luckily made a judgement call and gave him abx immediately, figuring it was Lyme. Apparently it was a correct dx, because his vision went back to normal after a month of abx. Whether he shows symptoms in the future, hard to say, as most LLMDs don't feel that would be long enough now even at that 'early' stage.

    You may want to look at my post about the DVDs that are available from a recent conference - it has a lot of info.

    One interesting thing Dr. Burrascano said on it was that often it was only after more than a year's treatment that people came up positive on their lyme tests.

    For my son, we were thinking a couple of months ago about starting IV treatment because his progress has been so slow, but held off after finding out it could take 18 months to penetrate the cell-wall form of Lyme.

    While we were considering this, tho, we were trying to find a backup local doctor and my son was staying off all abx as one has to be clear of them for 7 days before starting IVs...

    he found that the initial 2 weeks he was off all abx, he felt reasonably okay, but then quickly started to backslide esp with the fatigue and body aches the next 2 weeks...

    Hope I'm not rambling too much, and hope this helps some,


    PS: There are some books available about using alternative meds, etc, if you do a search at Amazon.

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    I came down with a viral like flu from hell...kept on for a couple of weeks...

    Back in those days I tested high with Epstien Barr and so they called it Chronic Epstein Bar virus which later became known as CFS.

    Of course as many years went by I find out that lyme goes hand in hand with heavy virus loads when your immune system finally breaks down.

    I had tick bites a lot as a child growing up as I was a big outdoors person. My doc and I both feel the lyme just slowly worked thru my body over the years. In my twenties I started having prostate problems and it is well known lyme gravitates to prostates then a few years later the ringing in the ears started happening.

    Then some more years go by and wham I was knocked down.

    Its almost too long a story to go into the whole deal. I'm lucky I don't have all the pain issues that many do. Mine is more cognitive and fatigue.

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    I am usually on the CFS board but come here occasionally since I wonder about Lyme. Sorry about being a woman when you asked about men with Lyme.

    However I do want to put in some advice. There are some antibiotics that are extremely dangerous to take when they are very old. Somewhere I read tetracycline can be deadly when old. Please call a pharmacist before taking older antibiotics. E.
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    had extremely bad leg pain. He had horrible muscle pain. He changed to amour thyroid, which is made of pig thyroid. His leg pain stopped. He was hyperthyroid and had his throid gland removed, then he was very hypothyroid, was taking syntroid, I believe. He was told he had FM too, now he feels much better on the armour thyroid.

    Have you had you thyroid levels checked? Low thyroid can really mess your whole system up.

    If you have had Lyme for awhile it can take a very long time to get rid of it. I think you should stay on the antibiotics.But I am no doctor. Does it make you feel worse when you take them?

    ANNXYZ New Member

    tickbites , I would suspect lyme .

    You can also investigate samento , which is an herbal ABX
    that has shown effectiveness with lyme. It can be purchased W/O a prescription. Most folks w/ lyme NEVER get the bullseye rash , and they only get an accurate test
    result ( that I know of ) with Igenex Labs .
    You can find out more about lyme thru Ilads ( dotorg)
    which is a lyme site w/ basic info.

    I do not have terrible pain , though my muscles cause problems. However , I have felt fluish for ten years .

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