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    Lately, I've been noticing more that I get taken over with one particular symptom. Besides my baseline full body muscle pain, I will have one symptom that comes over me like a wave and annihilates me. I always have all the same symptoms but one of them will rise up over the rest and take me down. Right now, it's the fatigue. I'm ALWAYS fatigued but the past few weeks, I literally cannot open my eyes up all the way. I can't focus on anything because I just start falling asleep. My mind feels so hazy. I'm in a complete daze...

    The thing that's crazy with this, is that I'm not doing anything differently. Everything in my life is the same that it has been. So, I don't understand why this cycle happens. Is it just part of good ol' fibromyalgia?

    PS. I HATE fibromyalgia
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    People with fatigue and pain (and other symptoms too), whose symptoms have cycles, should consider that they may have a chronic Borrelia infection (Lyme disease) and perhaps Babesia too...among other infections.

    Your symptoms do have a cause. You just have to find it.

    See page 26 for info about symptoms of each infection and how they cycle. See pages 9-11 for complete symptom list:

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    I have these cycles too and many Lyme symptoms but I've been ill with this for over 30 years. I have very bad medicine sensitivities and cannot tolerate antibiotics for more than a few days, and that's at very low doses. I get rashes and have to stop taking them.

    Other than antibiotics, is there any hope for getting relief from the Lyme? Is it too late after all these years. I haven't been tested but I know there's a good chance that Lyme is what I have. I did have a bullseye rash but it was a long time ago.
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    If you had a bullseye rash, then you were infected with lyme. Less than 50% of people actually get the rash. I never saw one myself, or a tick for that matter.

    Most people with lyme also have other infections. Ticks are a cesspool of disease and pass those other infections along also.

    Lyme is probably the most complicated infection there is. Once it is chronic, it is hard to "cure", but many people can get better.

    If you could get even 50% better, or maybe 75% better, I bet you would take it.

    There are many alternative methods for treating lyme and common coinfections like Babesia, Bartonella, etc.

    A person may not be cured using them, but they could get much better.

    You may really benefit from finding a Lyme literate Naturopathic Dr.

    Hormonal imbalances need to be addressed, along with gut problems and other things that are out of balance due to many years of chronic infection.

    You may want to join and visit the Medical Questions board where you can read posts and post your questions.

    You can also post on the Seeking a Doctor board there, asking for a LLND in your state or nearby states. You would receive a private message back.

    Testing for lyme is very inaccurate because for one, lyme supresses the immune system response. Most lyme tests are antibody tests that are dependant on an immune response.

    There is one new test that is a culture test that is supposed to be accurate.

    Most importantly though, Lyme is a clinical diagnosis. It is based on your history (bullseye rash, etc), symptoms (many), exam and labs...not just labs.

    Some alternative methods used for treating lyme and coinfections are Samento and Banderol, Salt/Vit C protocol, Photon therapy, Rife, many herbal preparations like A-Bart and A-Babs, Oil of Oregano, and many others.

    It takes some research to learn about them.

    There is no "one size fits all" treatment because everyone's case is different.

    It is never too late to get better. I'll take all the improvement that I can get.

    If I can help you any further, let me know.

    Hope to see you on also, where there is tons of information.

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