Symptoms NOT allowing you to work in your old job anymore?

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    Hi everyone,

    I just responded to a post where Keke was asking gothbubbles about vocational rehabilitation and I thought that it would be a great idea to repost my info to anyone who is thinking of getting retrained in a new career because they can no longer perform the current duties of their CURRENT job...for FREE!

    Hey, the Dept. of Rehab is there for a reason and I think that we of all people need their help, so please read on and feel free to ask ANY questions you may have as I have been going thru the process for a while now!!

    I live in Cali and my MIL is a Vocational Rehab Counselor so that's how I found out about it.

    Basically, The Department of Rehabilitation is a state service provided to folks who have illnesses/disabilities and due to those illnesses/disabilities (they have to be well documented by your doc) you can no longer perform the work duties that your current career requires, the DOR will pay for your to get retrained in a new field.

    You will have an initial intake apt. where you will bring in your doc notes/medical files, etc. and you will meet your new counselor. During that meeting you let your counselor know WHY you can no longer work at your current career and what OTHER jobs you think you would like to be trained to do. Be realistic in your ideas, but also this is the time where you can really pursue your dreams.

    DOR will pay for EVERYTHING. They will pay for your tuition or course fee, books, supplies, transportation, etc. Sometimes they will pay for a computer/laptop or software to help you if you have a hard time typing.

    I have a BA, but I stopped being able to work in the environment that I had been working in due to physical limitations. SO, my DOR counselor and I have come up with a plan:

    Short Term: they paid for my EMT training and will shortly be paying for my phlebotomy coursework. They pay for my books, school supplies, gas money, and any other fees, thingd that may come up.

    Long Term: they are paying for pre-med courses and after I have been working as an ER tech for a while at a trauma center, I hope to apply to a medical school's master's program in order to become a Physician's Assistant.

    They're primary goal is to GET YOU WORKIN! So, for me, most likely, once I am working at an ER, they will close my file for the time being and when I am ready, I can come back and reopen my file so that I can pursue my PA goal. OR, should I be unable to perform my ER tech duties due to new disabilities or health problems, I can always come back and create a new goal.

    Good luck and I would say to definitely call and make and apt. When ya go in, be ready with researched ideas and your med records. Make sure to bring up EVERY health issue that you have, from FMS/CFS, to IBS, to any muscular/skeletal or psychological issues you may have.

    SO, I hope that helps. :O) Let me know how it goes!!!

    take care,

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    I found the DVR counselor in the Orange County area a little reluctant to work with FM diagnosis...she had had a not-so-great experience with a client who was ok....then not the continuity for classwork....or whatever retraining was fairly unpredictable....the counselor did not say NO....but she was very cautious...I moved, so I didn't follow through with OC program possibilities.
    I think that Social Security helps with a variety of work-related concerns through its "PASS" there are varying avenues...for assistance in job retraining.
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    I'm so sad that they are that way down in your old area. Here, in the Bay Area, they are great. So, I guess that's something that one should take into account when calling a DOR.

    I guess that's why I said for people to make sure and show/mention EVERYTHING that's going on with you. I think that most of FMSer/CFSers have a ton of secondary issues, like IBS, migraines, muscular/skelatal problems.

    Thanks also for mentioning the Social Security; I had never heard of it and it may be helpful for some folks.

    Take care!

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    Wow! FOUR years?!, in cali, help is almost immediate. WOW. I'm so sorry. That's terrible.


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