Symptoms of Depression

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    Everyone feels sad once in awhile, but depression is a sadness that can last for weeks or months. It can drain you and leave you feeling as if the world is empty and bleak.

    Depression can affect anyone, however; research has shown that people with chronic medical conditions may be at greater risk.


    Depresion can look and feel different for each person. Some common symptoms of depression may include:

    * persistent sad, anxious, or depressed mood

    * loss of interest or pleasure in activities that you once enjoyed

    * decreased energy or fatigue

    * appetite and/or weight changes

    * restlessness, irritability

    * difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much

    * feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or hopelessness

    * thoughts of death or suicide

    If you have experienced five or more of these symptoms over a two-week period or longer, you may benefit from further evaluation or treatment for depression.


    The good news is that depression is generally very responsive to treatment with an anti-depressant medication and/or therapy. With treatment, you may improve the quality of your life.

    If you think you may be depressed, don't lose hope. Talk with your health care team because they will be able to help you make decisions in getting the appropriate treatment for depression.

    Source: National Institutes of Mental Health,

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    The tricky part is that some CFIDS/FMS symptoms (like fatigue) are similar. This leads to the problem of doctors thinking one is "simply depressed" and not really physically ill.

    Personally, I've experienced both... depression and illness that mimics some of the symptoms... and then that illness also lead to depression and anxiety. I can tell the difference, but I can't always convince the doc of that.
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    It is tricky to realize the difference. And, you correct, it would be hard to explain to your doc. If you have been going to your doc for a while, he should recognize the fact that you are depressed if you start telling him these symptoms.

    I really think that most everyone with a chronic illness, especially one with pain, is probably depressed. It's hard not to be!

    I thought I would post this "FYI" info so everyone could look over it, you never know, someone may not realize that they are depressed and need to see their doc until they realize what the symptoms are!

    It's nothing to be ashamed of anymore to be taking an anti-depressant.

    Take care,
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    I have been depressed most of my life. Grew up in a home w/ one parent dysfunctional and one dysfunctional and alcoholic. Had suicidal thoughts as a toddler. Suicide attempts as a teenager and later. Been institutionalized.

    Now I have the big three: depression, sleep disturbance and lack of energy, so it's CFS.

    A doctor, that our law firm sends people to for exams, wrote an article and said there is no such thing as CFS. It's just another name for depression. (He teaches at a medical school.)

    In the end I guess it doesn't really matter. Whatever you call it, it's disabling.
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    I understand your levels of depression very well. They
    are from early childhood, just like mine; from being born
    into an extremely abusive family. It IS a fight for
    survival - very hard for people to understand who have
    not experienced that reality!

    From my own therapy experiences, I have come to understand
    that it is only recently that the expertise, the putting
    together of the puzzle pieces of childhood trauma are
    becoming truly helpful.

    I have a good therapist now, which gives me hope for healing.

    I really admire your having a good career throughout your

    take care,

  6. JLH

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  7. jaltair

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    My doc made a statement this past Monday that rather alarmed me. When we discussed the sleep study, she told me that if I didn't have a "sleep disorder", then we'd have to look at depression. Hmmmmmmm . . Although she labeled my fatigue as "CFS", wonder if she thinks it's depression?

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