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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sandy60, May 30, 2003.

  1. Sandy60

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    I have had FMS for years, along with panic attacks. Lately I have had numbing and tingling of arms, hands, legs and feet. Sometimes my face and lips tingle. I've become so convinced I'm having a heart attack that I've gone to the emergency room twice in a month. I've had a stress test, which was negative and my family doctor says it is part of the FMS and panic disorder along with depression. She put me on Zoloft (75 mg) which has helped with the panic attacks, but has not fixed these symptoms. The more I think about it, the worse it gets. Does anyone else out there suffer from these same symptoms?
  2. Susan07

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    Absolutely - I am sitting here right now feeling a tingling sensation running down my arms, legs, through my feet and in my hands. I had a horrible time getting around at work today. I also feel numb in places.

    I went to the ER a month or so ago with chest problems - lots of tests all negative chalk another one up to FM.

    You are not alone!
  3. Shirl

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    Hi Sandy, welcome to our world of strange symptoms! I have been having a panic feeling every evening at 2-3pm.

    This has been going on for a week. Have no idea what is causing this. I am not stressed, not sick just one of those FM moments, although this one is going on a bit too long to suit me.

    I have been a whole lot better for more than a year now, ever since I started taking magnesium. But this week has been the exception.

    Most of that numbness and tingling, RLS has been gone, I do think we all are deficient in magniesum.

    I sure hope you are feeling better soon, it can get so frustrating when no one can convince the doctors that you are feeling like this, and they simply don't get it.

    You take care, and let us know how you are doing, again a big welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. layinglow

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    Tingling and numbness, seem to be a common symptom of these disorders. Both my husband and myself have this, and it is as you mentioned able to occur just about anywhere. I have even had episodes where everything from the neck down, became absolutely numb. The first time it happened, I began counting the seconds, wondering if my respiration, and heart beat would continue. It did. I believe it is due to CNS dysfunction. Vitamin B12 has helped ease this a bit for me. If you do some research on B12 you will see that it helps with alot of the neural symptoms we have.
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  5. Sandy60

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    Thank you for all the replys. I hate that you all have to go thru this stuff, but I am glad to know that I'm not alone. Night time is the worst. My mind races around thinking up things that could be wrong with me if it isn't FMS. Now my feet and hands swell for no reason, at least that I can think of. My ribs are so sore I can't touch them. I constantly apply heat to different parts of my body to detract my feeling the pain. Sometimes I wonder if that is good to do.
  6. insomniac1

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    Hi just wanted to let you know your not alone. i have suffered from panic attacs since i was 14 im now 35. i used to suffer terribly i wouldnt leave my room or house i have been on prozac and imipramine. it has helped. as far as the numbing and tingling for about the last year i get a funny feeling in my right side of my face. near the eye and cheek i have been to the er thinking i was having a stroke everything turned out negative. i still get it all the time i also have it in the arms and legs that and running legs and arms hang in there were all in this together. kris
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