symptoms while on plane flight anyone else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. carebelle

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    I was on a Airplane yesterday a long trip from Idaho to Virginia with two lay overs about 9 hours total .I have noticed that the air in the planes really seem thick. I also felt the flu like hurt coming over me .Does anyone else have a problem with flying?I cant really explain it ,I guess I've been in a flare but the air, or lack of it, seem to affect my pain all over.
    Even today I am feeling like I'm not getting enough air in my own house, but it seems cleaner here then in the plane.
  2. Shannonsparkles

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    One of the possible things going with CFS is "sypmtoms made worse by air travel" so I guess it's not unnusual for us. I don't know why it happens though.

    I hope your breathing will go back to usual soon, Care.
    (( ))
  3. tilla

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    My FM seems to be gone, for whatever reason, but when I did have it, I would have the pain you are talking about after a flight. A doctor told me it was the motion of the plane. He said to press my knees together during the flight. It seemed to help. Car motion seems to do the same thing.

    He also told me to take a Klonapin before a flight.

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    The air in planes is recirculated. Most airlines are now skimping on using the full amount of oxygen in the oxygen cells that are used in the cabins. A recent study reported that oxygen saturation dropped to 93% in NORMAL people and that anyone with heart or respitory problems should probably not fly. My doc says it is because of the nanoinfections we have i.e., mycoplasmas, lyme, herpes that cause the flares. He says that the critters love an environment with very little oxygen. Therefore a cabin in a plane is ideal for them.
    Hope this helps.
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    Sometimes I get crampy feeling during a flight from not being able to move around a lot and being cramped for so long. By the time I get off the plane I am usually so stiff from sitting so long.

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  6. carebelle

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    I was thinking it was just me being paranoid .I also still hurt in my back and legs .Its weird how nothing in life easy anymore because everything affects this DD or this DD affects everything we try to do.
    Not having fresh Air ,has been a very bad experience for me almost like being smothered.
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    Dear Carebelle,
    The air in a place is recycled. Also, a plane is one of those places with a lower oxygen level than normal. Another place is a casino.

    Since I've had CFIDS, I can't be in an oxygen reduced area for long, without symptoms, and chest pain. I can't fly, and I can't go above 3500 feet when traveling.

    When my Dr. told me to stay under 3500 feet, I thought he was crazy. Then, one day I had to go to pick up a puppy, and I felt really bad at the breeder's home, and had chest pains. I felt fine, again, on the way home. Come to find out, it was 4,000 feet up. I guess he was right.

    He explained it to me in this way: The heart becomes affected and weakened by CFS/CFIDS, and, after time, is just not strong enough to pump around enough oxygen if there is not already a good amount in the air. He told me that if I slept up high, I most probably would not wake up, as my heart would not be srong enough to keep me alive.

    I guess this is one explanation. Anyway, I don't fly any more, at least not without oxygen. I've had CFIDS since at least 1970, and last year I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, due to the weakenng of my heart.

    Good luck.