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  1. prsonlfailur

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    long story short:

    i've been in pain from other disorders for 10 years. it was hard, but i toughed it out. (i've had health insurance 2 years in the last 10)

    in the last 9 months, i've gotten much worse. all-over pain, migraines, fatigue, mental fogginess, dizziness, etc. i've given up high heels, driving, going out, even keeping my house as clean as i'd like. this weekend my boss is taking everyone to a fancy restaurant for dinner. i'll be getting a migraine (on purpose) because that kind of social gathering is beyond me now. the noise will be upsetting, and i often can't keep up my end of a conversation. i might also get tired and then i'd have to wait for my ride to go home.

    from what i've read, most fm patients reach a "platuea" where their symptoms, overall, stay the same. how long does that take? will the meds keep my symptoms from getting worse? (flexeril, ultracet, wellbutrin) i'm terrified of no longer being able to work.
  2. Flibble

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    In my case it just seems to get worse. There are times when it levels off for awhile and then it gets worse and there is something else I can't do to add to the list of things I can't do anymore. Did that make sense? It seems like it very slowly is robbing me of my independence. I don't mean to scare you but that is how it has worked for me. I think the drugs and exercise and all the other stuff definitely slow it down but it doesn't seem to stop it in my case. I hope you find your plateau or improve. Everybody is different. Flibble
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    I must say that the longer I go on, mine tend to get worse. But right now I have had so much emotional strain at work it is a wonder I am even able to function. I still work, but I wonder from day to day, can I make it one more? Some days I feel ok then others, I feel like dying. Also the ups and downs of emotions are horrible. I think I may be manic depressive at times. I can be up one minute and in the depths or H##L the next. Major mood swings. I have also noticed that certain spots that hurt tend to be more and more painful. Such as my wrists and shoulders. They hurt more daily. But this varies with everybody. Each is different. I thought before I was dx'd with FM and did not know what I had, boy it would be nice to have a name for all this pain and hurt. Now that I am dx'd with it, I wish I did not know what it was. Seems like docs tend not to "believe" you or other people cannot grasp what it is all about.
    And yes, I know about not going out for fear that you cannot function like a normal person. Wondering if you can make it to the end of the night and if you don't having to explain to everyone why you are leaving early and that you are just too exhausted. This disease makes one become a recluse. And no one seems to understand.
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    I'm not in that bad a shape now but I have to say in the last 5 years since getting this illness, I have gotten worse. I hope it doesn't continue this way. I'm only 38.
  5. Bambi

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    Just about the time I think it couldn't possibly get worse it does by a lot. I'm 55 but feel 100.
    I am homebound with it and have trouble doing
    everything right down to showering and washing
    my hair. I cry a lot of the time out of feeling
    hopeless and helpless. I've had this for many
    years, but it was more of a nusiance for a long
    time..I felt for a long time like I just had a
    40 pound kid riding around on my shoulders. But
    then over the years one thing after another added to the whole mess. Now it's full blown and
    severe. I do take medication for it and without it wouldn't survive a day, but it's never enough to completely get rid of the pain for a day. I
    have a good day occasionally but rarely. I still
    haven't found any exercise or supplements that do a thing for me, though some do. I wonder, more and more lately, what I'm even hanging in
    for..I guess it's that slim chance they will find a cure before I die. It would be such a
    blessing for all of us, but I'm not very optomistic about days I feel sure they will. Not everyone gets as bad as I and some others are, and maybe you won't. There's always hope. Hugs, Bambi
  6. Mikie

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    As in, "Normally..." Some of us get better, some get worse, and some stay the same. Some just go through a differnt gamut of symptoms. It is impossible to predict what will happen for anyone. I do know that those who have gotten better have agressively treated their condition through a "shotgun approach" with many different kinds of treatment. Everything helps a little and in the end, this produces a synergetic effect where all the treatments work together and produce a result greater than any one treatment would produce alone.

    Love, Mikie