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    I just wondered what the most commom symptoms of FM are. fibromyalgia but the rheumatologist told me my hands and feet hurting badly is not a symptom of this illness. Until I started taking cymbalta I constantly had what felt like a fever, cold all the time, my eyes seem to be hot like burning, sore throat, felt aches, muscles were fatigued, exhausted all the time, swelling. It seemed the only thing that really made me feel good was prednisone but they would not let me have it long term.
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    I am curious just what they say cause your hand and feet symptoms? I have both and my doc thinks there is a possibility that I also have a connective tissue disorder. Symptoms of FM, muscle cramps and spasms and pain. It feels like the body aches you get from the flu, just way worse and it seems to never end.

    Brain fog (alot of people's personal favorite) feels like you are slowly losing your mind. I have the memory of a gnat. It starts with short term memory and then hits you below the belt and starts effecting your long term memory. I feel like I have alzheimers half the time.

    (Tender points)- requirement is that you have at least 11 out of 18 of these all over your body at precise locations. If the doc presses on these they cause diffuse pain that radiates out from where they are pushing.

    Trigger points - my personal fave, places where your muscle has bunched up real tight in a ball around a nerve. I was going in every 2 weeks so the doc could stick a needle full of marcaine in to these spots OUCH.

    And a lot of similar sympotms to CFS. I'm sure I missed out on a bunch but these are probably the most prominent ones I deal with.

    I was on Cymbalta for a while and it caused my eyes to do the red burning thing. I looked awful too. I was so tired I couldn't stay awake, at all.

    Hope this helps some,

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    Thanks Blue that helps quite a bit. The doctor tested my for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis for my hands and feet but the tests were negative, other than that they have done zero except increase the dose of Cymbalta and tell me it is FM. She never tested the pressure points, which seems to be the only way to even diagnose the disease. My primary doctor feels my symptoms are caused by depression but I feel differently. I have delt with depression all my life and never have I experienced the degree of problems I now have.Before someone took my seriously I was barely able to function. Funny but I joined a gym two years ago and thats when the symptoms exploded. I would think if the cause was "just depression" exercise would be the best medicine because of the endorphin thing. My emotions felt better after working out but my body....I would just come home and cry.

    I will have to do more research on the connective tissue subject. At times it feels as if something is ripping or tearing in my hands and shoulder. I do not believe it is muscle but something else. When this happens the muscles seem really lethargic. It becomes such an effort to move.

    Once again thank you for resonding, I really appreciate the imput.

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    Wow these are things that I have been asking about with my doc for awhile. My hands and feet this last year have been killing me. Also the weird ripping feeling in arms that takes your breath away..I have yet to get anything other than an I dont know from anyone doc.. Please let me know if you find out cause of this
    Many thanks 3gs
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    i have to disagree with your doctor.
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    My hands and feet bother me too. I'm tired of Drs saying that you have to have "xyz" symptoms! We're all diferent!
    Anyway my head,(migraines), shoulders,neck,hips,spine,knees,hands and feet hurt. Did I miss anything....? basically,my whole body hurts and my brain is fuzzy / foggy. And I have NO energy,I'm always tired.

    But,many drs told me I'm healthy,that I'm just fine.......grrr!
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    I've had FM/CFS for 7 hands and feet did not really start bothering me till last year. Then after burning and pain set in, I began Lyrica last Sept. Which helped at first, but now I'm having pain again, bone pain. Hands feel like bones aches deeply, fingers, toes, feet, achilles PCP say this is FM related. Been tested for everything else under the sun and all they find is inflamation and tells me inflammatory arthritis maybe.

    My normal FM symptoms is pain and stiffness in all muscles, low back, upper back spasms, extreme fatigue, low fever, migraines, brain fog, trouble sleeping,etc......
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    when I was first diagnosed with FM. It felt like I was walking on glass. Now my toes feel like they are broken most of the time. The rheumy wasn't sure about the feet. He thought that I may have some neuropothy as well. My pain doc did nerve tests from lower back down and it came back normal.
    A couple of years ago I had a nerve test done on my right elbow and wrist. Many doc's throughout the years thought I had carpotunnel. That nerve test showed wrist fine, but some nerve damage at the elbow. Not enough to really warrent any treatment. Well now I have excruciating pain in my elbow radiating throughout arm. Pain doc says I have tennis elbow.
    Prednisone at high dose really worked well early on for me. But because of the side effect to the liver they wouldn't (I did not want to either) keep me on it. So now I am on Fentynl patch 100 mcgs, celebrex 400 mg, robaxin 750 mg 3x daily, Lyrrica 450 mg, celexa 60 mg, xanax prn.
    Lyrica and fentynl were my godsend meds. I do not know what I would do with out them.

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    I really appreciate all the replies concerning symptoms. After some research I think the ripping, tearing sensation is the fascia covering of the muscles that is tearing.

    I get these alot in my hands, shoulder and thigh. After an episode my muscle is really fatigued to the point I just want to cry. Lately it is my shoulder acting up and any movement seems to aggravate the condition.

    I also am sick and tired of the doctors having no idea what is wrong with me because every test they perform comes back within range. I have been tested to lupus, allergies, RA, HIV, hepetitis, thyroid, diabets, etc... I have had X-rays on my hands and feet which showed no inflammation or arthritis.

    I did go to a podiatrist just to see if he knew why my feet hurt. He did x-rays and found I had bone spurs in both feet which may not have been causing all my pain but certainly contributing. I now have orthopedics which I cannot say enough about. I suffered from spasms in my back and alot of neck and shoulder pain. Since I have been using the inserts my back acts up only occasionally.

    My feet are probably 75% better. I do not hobble when I get up in the morning and I can walk for longer periods at a time. My feet are not what I would like them to be but better than they use to be.

    I also went to a good feet store and bought a pair of their inserts which are guarnteed for life if they break. They work as well as the orths. They are pricey but not as pricey as the orths.

    Cymbalta works very well for me, but when I have a flare up I find that I have to suffer because any anti-inflammatory interacts with the cymbalta causing me to become so depressed I cannot function.

    Thanks again,
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    I'm with everyone else! My hands and feet hurt the most - all day, all night, every day. It's definitely FM!