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  1. Sherry

    Sherry New Member

    Does anyone ever have symptoms so bad you think your not going to make it? Some of my symptoms are horrifying.
  2. Sherry

    Sherry New Member

    Does anyone ever have symptoms so bad you think your not going to make it? Some of my symptoms are horrifying.
  3. LisaMay

    LisaMay New Member

    It is truely depressing to think about all the symptoms that we experience with this DD. I feel nuts when I have to describe them to someone; it almost sounds ridiculous.

    Will I make it? Yes. I hope you do to. Lisa
  4. tes

    tes New Member

    I feel the same way!!!! But when I wake up the next morning, I thank god. What are these horrifing symptoms that you get? My worst are is my chest wall and my lower ribs.
    Hope your feeling better soon
  5. poodlegirl

    poodlegirl New Member

    If it weren't for my mom and my wonderful husband I would give up. At times it is nearly too much to bear, not only the physical pain, but the emotional pain. At times I feel soooo scared and lost.
  6. Betty50victor

    Betty50victor New Member

    We all have the terrible symptoms....At least we know, because of this "GREAT" SITE, that we are not the only ones with this crap, Fibro. I felt like a total outcast when I tried to tell friends/family etc... what I was going thru. Now when I start to tell people they know at least one person who has it so at least we are finally able to come out of the closet and be more comfortable, if that's possible, talking with others about. And, if they don't understand or want to hear about it, or don't beleive how bad this DD can be THEN I say the hell with-em and just go on my way. We have ENOUGH stress from this to put up with the people who just flat out refuse to understand us.
    The all over pain, sore to be touched all over, pain in muscles/joints, hard time walking, and thinking are just a few things that most or all of us go thru. It really does help me in the sense that at least I know I'm not the only one with this DD. Not that it makes this any easier...
    Take care and just keep plugging away and enjoy life while we have it! At least when your body is up to it. If you're too tired or hurting just rest like your body is trying to tell you. At least now that I'm on disability I can actually start taking care of myself instead of worring about stressing over the fact that I was having a very hard time working. I was a machinist/office worker for over 25 years and just can't do anything anymore. I just try to keep in my mind that there are people out there with worse problems like ours. I just thank god that this won't kill me like cancer, luekemia, etc..... And as long as I can keep the depression about not being able to dance, clean house etc... down with Zoloft, I'll probably be able to live with this crap. I was a perfectionist!!!!!!! before now if my house isn't clean (just dusty) it's like oh well, I'll get to it when I can. Hard to do but HAVE to take that attitude to make it!
    Please just know that you CAN make it, just learn that you must now slow down and do things in moderation. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  7. Wingingit

    Wingingit New Member

    I have also had many days when the pain is soooo bad I am begging my hubby to shoot me and get it overwith...thankfully he has no gun, because it usually settles down in time.
    I sympathize with you immensely
    Because I have never had my symptoms diagnosed as Thoracic Outlet and/or FMS, some days I do get scared that I am dying a slow death from something because there's always a new symptom to add to the list....this week it's high Triglycerides!
    I feel that at least if they'd give it a name, I could be assured that it is not some deadly unknown disease that is progressing...sounds morbid...sorry but it's the way I feel every day.
    I did get a prescription for Imovane to help me sleep and I find a good nights rest is easing some of my flare ups but I was warned it is addictive and so I try not to rely on it.
    I hope you find something that will ease your pain as well.