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    you wont believe this one. i have severe lactose intolerance i went to an endocrinologist and she said synthroid is made with a lactose base and i havent been absorbing the synthroid for yrs. she came to this conclusion after she gave me a sonogram of the thyroid and it showed to be the size of a childs. having shrunken because it hadnt been absorbing the synthroid.

    she changed my synthroid to tirosint a gell cap, but kept me at the same dose.. and most of my aches and pains have disappeared. its been only a month so far with the new med, im to go for a follow up in november.

    i thought this was very important information for the ppl. on the board with thyroid problems. she asked me if i was ever on armour and i replied yes, but i had gotten very bad stomack cramps on it. she said that some armour is made with lactose as well.

    when i got home from the doctors office, i just sat in amazement that not one of my hundreds of doctors over the yrs , had picked this up.

    i cannot wait until she does my next blood work in nov. im hoping to keep feeling better and better under her care.

    i was dx with hypothyroid 6 mos. after being dx with cfs 18 yrs ago, and have been on synthroid all those yrs. every yr i would get the thyroid checked and it always came back "good" it was not until this yr in july that i told my primary to also check my thyroid antibodies, not just the tsh and the t4. . and voila , the peroxidase and the globulin was way out of range and she sent me to the endo.

    so all you guys with hypothyroid problems , please look into this.

    love, joanierav