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  1. totallytired

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    everyone thinks about lyme....but what about the bacteria syphillus is caused by. Thats actually more common.
    I dont know who will answer this but im wondering how many of us have had this, got treated, and then never even worried about it again.
    Perhaps its a bacteria that can surface (same theory as lyme) while our immune system is weak.
    Syphillus has so very many symptoms similar to cfs.

    thoughts/feedback appreciated
  2. frango2

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    It is also Lyme's dumber cousin. Easier to test for and treat although it can be hard to treat in some tertiary cases.

    I agree, that anyone who suspects they have Lyme should rule out Syphilis as a possible cause of their illness.

    I think most good Dr's would do this.

    I asked my Dr's to test me with the more accurate tests and they laughed at me and told me I did NOT fit the bill for being a Syphilis patient. I didn't care. I made them rule it out both with bloodwork and because I was so sick initially I had to have an LP to check for a number of different things that could have been causing my symptoms. Syphilis was one of the things they checked.

    P.S. Igenex has done a small study using known Lyme patients, Syphilis patients, and healthy controls. This was done to see if they could differentiate between Syphilis patients and Lyme patients. They could.

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  3. Bluebottle

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    It's weird that syphilis is taken seriously and treated, but not chronic Lyme. Why?
  4. frango2

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    That is a very good question...
  5. acer2000

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    You said IGENEX did a study to see if they could tell the difference between lyme and syphillis on their test. Do you have a link?
  6. totallytired

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    Exactly...syphillus is treated quickly but not lyme. And why is there such an accurate test available for this bacteria but not lyme if they are so similar?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. munch1958

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    I don't get it either -- why the syphilis spirochete which is less complex than the Lyme spirochete has an accurate test.

    It is a well known fact that people with syphilis have to be retested at 3, 6, 9, 12, and 24 months after treatment because it can relapse at anytime.

    Lyme isn't supposed to be a relapsing illness according to the IDSA 14 Docs who wrote the treatment guidelines for Lyme. Almost every Lyme patient will tell you they relapse once Abx are stopped.

    If one looks at the genus of Borrelia on .Gov websites they will find that the Lyme spirochete is very close in appearance the Borrelia species that causes Relapsing Fever which is transmitted by a soft bodied tick in mountain states. Then it makes sense that Lyme is also a relapsing illness.

    They know syphilis can be passed to unborn babies but the IDSA 14 deny Lyme can be passed to the unborn.

    What's been done with Lyme disease is absolutlely criminal.
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    They've done the genomes of syphilis and lyme, lyme is 2X as complex, so no surprise it is more difficult to treat if not caught immediately.

    Historically, there were pts treated in the 1930s with the miracle drug penicillin who recovered apparently... but 20+ years later showed up with tertiary syphilis. No surprise there either really, given how even syphilis can hide out.

    that's why I really don't understand why more research is not being done as to what to do with late stages of any of these spirochetal diseases!

    As Munch says, it is a crime.

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    The info is at...