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    Its very similar to lyme and prob more common than lyme. You may not feel comfortable answering this but: curious how many have had this before, got treated and never thought twice about it again?

    Could this be a lingering bacteria that comes out when our immune system is weak?

    It has all the symptoms.

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    syph is one of the first diseases a rhuematologist will test for in the initial blood work. they dont always reveal that to patients, its a touchy subject:) it can mimic severe arthritic joint stiffness, depression, diminished memory and erratic moods.

    syphillis borders on epidemic levels and has had a rebirth of diseases go.

    a patient either has syph, or they dont. if its been treated fully and long enough, it should not reappear unless you continue to have sex with a partner that has it or wasnt treated. you do know that who ever you with should be told to get treatment, syphllis is very sociable and spreads easily.
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    it can live in the spine and cause motor skills and heart and brian function to mimish and you can die.its hard to explain but onces the syphilis bacteria get into your brain you get memory lost and if it surround your heart you will have congested heart failure and other nerve problems I saw some one die from syphllis.
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    I knew a kid when I was young that had the chancre sore, but falsely thought he was cured because symptoms went away. (He was fine at a recent high school reunion, so I assume maybe he got diagnosed when he went into military)

    I run tests for syphillis, using the same method as developed 50 years ago.
    Anyhow, I'm not super impressed with the test, and think that it's about time that a better method be developed. Sometimes can get "false negatives" so maybe a second testing might be considered if Lyme tests are negative.

    (By the way, the test uses extract of beef heart as a substitute for the syphillis antigen in the test. Hmmm, labs also use rabbit brain extract for blood clotting tests. We gave up using tails of Newts years ago, though:). Cheers from your local laboratory, mr Bill