systemic candida, mercury, diflucan/caspofungin

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    Hello all

    I have ben suffering from systemic candida for 14 months. Lung membrane, back muscle tissue and kidneys are affected areas.

    It has been a mystery to me that my immune system would not deal with what is obviously an aggresive, invasive organism. I know that my immune system must be in good shape as I have not had a cold or illness of any other kind in this time, despite working in an office and family members being ill etc.

    I came across a very interesting theory on the internet yesterday relating to this matter.

    Dietrich klinghardt, has written a paer titled, Amalgam mercury detox as a treatment for chronic viral, bacterial and fungal illneses. What happens is that the body becomes overloaded with mercury from fillings and dietary sources (oily fish). to deal with this the immune system lets the yeast proliferate out of control as the yeast/fungus absorbs the mercury. By this means the mercury is not deposited in body tissue which would disrupt the bodies normal physiological processes.

    Last year while I had th candida, I literally ate oily fish 5 days a week for lunch (handy and cheap) plus had a gob full of 12 mercury fillings. To me this is a highly plausible/probable scenario as to the cause of the candida overgrowth in my case. (Apart from drinking too much alcohol, exercising vigoroulsly when being dog tired and also eating all the wrong foods.

    I very recently had all my fillings removed and have stopped eating fish.

    Mercury detox seems to be the way forward. although I believe this takes some time as the mercury has a biological half life of 3 months.

    Currently I have a real dilema. I am taking diflucan to try and kill off the fungus. However I read that you should not do this with mercury overload as you then release all the mercury that has been tied up, into the system. I have been taking the diflucan for two weeks now. The mercury can't be excreted all at once and then deposits in tissue in the central nervous system. Scary. So do I stop taking the anti fungals just now and slowly detox the mercury, or just keep taking the pills. I shall have to make a quick decision on this as it is 400 mg/day for another 5 weeks.

    I have heard from some that this is too much. However I did research it and this was the reuqired dose and time given for systemic candida. Unless the liver is compromised initially, then it doesn't seem to be a problem. It is very resilient the liver and any damaged is recovered. Apparently.

    That said, I have since come across caspofungin, which is a safer alternative to diflucan. apparently this is a new antifungal which targets the fungus solely and does not interfere with other cells in the body. Does anyone know about this new antifungal.

    I would be interested to hear any comments re the above and wish everyone well.

    thankyou to the fibromeister for your reply yesterday, and the other person (can'tremember the name just now) however i am glad you were both kind enough to make the effort
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    I would discuss this with whoever prescribed the diflucan. Are they aware of the mercury issues? It"s a good question that probably should be answered by the prescriber. Let us know what they say.
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    ~I don't think Caspofungin is on the market yet, altho SOON to be~

    Anyone else have advice here?

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    My stool profile and drug sensitivity, indicated that Diflucan, Nystatin, and Berberine would all work against my candida . I was unable to take RX antifungals to treat my systemic candida. After a 4 month regime of Berberine, I am happy to report it worked well. You might consider this as a treatment.
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