Systemic Candida(yeast)? PLS READ! ER visit-- + for ALCOHOL, ruined rep w/

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  1. OMG.
    Sorry, I am SOOO frustrated right now, I just spent sooo long, typing a very very important post for ANYONE who has tested for systemic yeast/candida/candidiasis (and any other name/names for it!) and it is NOWHERE to be found now. :-(
    After I clicked submit, a blank white screen came up, I refreshed, which said the info would all have to be resent (I thought oh well, at worst, it'll post twice, I'll delete the 2nd one) but, nope. *sigh*.

    It was quite lengthy, as my posts are.. but:



    Also, as a side note, the timing for this post, seems relevant, having read of another member's post, regarding her being 'fired' for NOT taking meds ENOUGH! (GRRRR!!)


    The next several paragraphs are moreso related to(and a thanks to: ) the fellow member,the lady who was fired from her clinic, for NOT taking "ENOUGH" meds, etc, and how it has now helped me realize something, that may HELP me now, as I now know what MIGHT be going on at mine, with MY NP as well...

    (THANK YOU FOR THAT POST- BTW- I *NOW* may know why suddenly, after TWO YEARS, of being on Provigil, why I'm just now, out of the blue being asked (the past 3 appts, AT LEAST) "when was the last time I took my PROVIGIL!

    I too, have always explained WHY I use it sparingly- from, 1. not FEELING well enough, a lot of days, to chance taking it, only to lay in bed, awake, but still an absent-minded zombie..
    2. Because, while I'm glad to have it, rather than NOTHING, with it not being a med that is absolutely crucial, I take it everyday, etc,
    3. It's being one of 4 scripts, (now, it MAY be one of SIX scrpits of mine- if the 'ultramER 200mg is worth filling the script, and Lamictal having also just been added, per my neurologist- that hubby & I pay a **$100** co-pay on

    4. We also pay $100 on at least 2/3 of his allergy meds!
    also explaining that I only use it on days of true 'necessity' i.e. Drs appts, family gatherings, people visiting; that
    somedays, I take it, and still fail JUST TO SHOWER, telling them it increases my back pain, and I get severe swollen neck glands 85% of the time, when it has stopped 'working' or the next day.)

    Now, what happened to the other lady makes sense, infuriates me, and now I know too, that I'll do like I used to always do with any pain med they gave me, TAKE THE BOTTLE WITH ME!

    Onto the yeast- I'm sorry this will be much shorter now, on this, but, this post is way too long already, and i am out of my mind with the worst insomnia i've had in YEARS..
    I DO need to get the most important thing about it out...
    I showed to have systemic yeast, way back in fall of 05', as well as having Chlamydia Pneumoniae, Mycoplasma, HHV6, and EBV...

    After 3 months of antibiotic, and anti-viral treatment, that followed some intense chelation therapies, med detoxes, liver flushes, vitamin I.V.'s, etc My Integrative Medicine Dr decided against his initial plan of putting me on 28 days of Diflucan, for the systemic yeast..
    he said quite a few people who are 'normal', can develop skin problems on it, and with "me"... we never know WHAT may provoke a VIOLENT response from my body,

    eventually, he decided totally against the Diflucan, after everything else, and some suprising, 'odd', responses to much milder things..
    Anyhow, to make a long, (unfortunately VERY IMPORTANT,)story, very short, (it may not SEEM 'short' but TRUST me, It has been 'cut down', and MUCH left out, to try & get to the main point.

    ANYONE who has candida, NEEDS to KNOW THIS: last december, hubby & my sister rushed me to the ER, I was violently ill, we KNEW WHY, told them why, repeatedly... yet, I was still verbally insulted, and attacked, antagonized, humiliated, right from the get-go from a very very, ignorant, rude, despicable Dr.(I still cannot talk about the incident 'in depth!') I have not even been back to my therapist!! I just have to give it time- STILL, before I can talk to her, in complete details.. (I have pretty nasty PTSD, and this STUPID, CRUEL ER Doctor, was THAT horrible, that I truly was/am traumatized.

    While hooked up to an I.V. of fluids, & Zofran,(mysteriously- my bloodwork-

    a "CBC,CMP panel,")

    SOMEHOW (without my knowledge/consent- and yet- YOU KNOW my insurance Co, PAID for it!) became a dam**ed DRUG & ALCOHOL screening as well.

    I am informed that, a "trace amount of alcohol showed up, other than that, your labs were normal"

    This (horrible, VILE, 'human being') who dare call himself a doctor,(yet, did NOT know the difference between two VERY different and both potentially FATAL diseases- telling me the one I have was "same thing" after he'd said 'so you have NMS (i'm abbreviating, he said the full name.. and I said NOOOO, I have MALIGNANT HYPERTHERMIA- they are NOT the same- reactions similar, TRIGGERS, CAUSES, ETC- SOOO NOT "the SAME THING"

    He & I had VARIOUS 'arguements' and after I stopped him dead in his tracks, for asking my husband questions about me, as if I were not even THERE,

    and after the FIRST THING out of his mouth, upon entering the room, was:

    "So! Didja eat a buncha Klonopin tonight before coming in?" (which, despite vomiting, dizziness, weakness, elicited a furious & to the point response from me (I just stood up for myself,very rightfully so, I mean- WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PPL!????)

    Anyways, upon being ready to discharge me, as I said, we'd had multiple 'arguements'

    On that night(ONLY), I was actually 'thankful' to later learn that a side effect of the very med that had caused me to become so violently ill- was "aggressive behavior" and "personality changes"
    I'd have NEVER, EVER told that doctor off the way I did. I've taken terrible, cruel verbal abuse soooo many times, from ER docs, and others, as many-if not all of us here have. and usually just in silence (due to SHOCK/disbelief, being caught off guard, from what has been said by some doctors!) leaving in tears, deeply depressed, hurt, & often just as ill, as when I'd gone there, leaving quietly, only to be immensly angry, at myself, the medical community, God, life, etc. and praying to god harder each time, for faith, strenth, help, etc, also wanting to flat out quit everything, forever, just give up.

    This man, just casually tells me that I DID have a 'trace of alcohol' in my bloodwork but, "other than THAT," my "labs were fine"- before he could even go on (he'd already accused me of drinking, even with my husband and my sister stepping in, and adamantly telling him NO WAY.)

    He continued to act as if maybe I had, MAYBE my HUSBAND doesnt "KNOW" something about me! ARGHH!)

    This time- suprising EVERYONE (self included) I SCREAMED at this 'Dr." telling him either THEY'VE messed up in the lab, switched blood, something, I don't care, but, I DO NOT DRINK!!!

    The only things he did ask me, (with MUCH annoyance, and EYE ROLLING) was, 'had I eaten any RUM cake', or vanilla extract' to which i said, "no.I'm on a VERY restricted diet, due to multiple stomach/bowel/pancreas problems"
    This all ended with this foul, despicable, unprofessional MORON literally BOLTING for the door, and shutting it- after I was in tears, *nearly* yelling, and half pleading that;

    "that MAY not mean anything to YOU, but,
    "I see MANY different doctors, and I have a GOOD relationship with them, it may NOT mean a 'thing to you', but-TRUST ME, it WILL mean something to them, and I DO NOT DRINK! I WANT TESTED AGAIN!" "I WILL NOT be having you send out a report, saying there was a da**ned DROP of alcohol in my system, PERIOD!"

    He said, 'well, that's between you & your doctors" and rannnnnn out that door.


    THERE *IS* A HERO, TO THE STORY- SORT OF. (The damage was done, obviously, I truly was TRAUMATIZED by this doctor's behavior.)
    A nurse, named Joe,"aka Santa" (long white/grey beard, since 1974 he told me)
    He's worked at that hospital 20yrs or better, he came in, to discharge me, (with a prescription I had TOLD the triage nurse, I was allergic too, which- that Dr ALSO *yelled* at me for- knowing that the triage nurse is the ONLY person that fills out ANY paperwork now, for ER patients.)


    JOE- thank god, asked me all sorts of questions, seeing how distressed I was, sobbing, and pleading to him, for some explanation of HOW alcohol could POSSIBLY show up in my bloodwork, knowing that I could lose MANY doctors, due to ONE emergency room doctors' notes, and GOD ONLY KNOWS what his "NOTES" say, after me SCREAMING AT HIM!

    Anyhow, JOE begins asking me what type of deodorant I wear, (I told him, he said, ok, nope..) He said the VOMITING itself could've caused a minute amount of alcohol to show up in bloodwork;
    he asked about many other foods that doctor had not, any *lotions* I might use, etc.. and THEN, he said:

    Do you have a yeast infection?

    First, I just said no,..... then I just quietly said "I have systemic candida, Dr ___ tested me for that 2 yrs ago,"

    He shut my chart, looked up at me, and said "there it is, that's what did it"
    First I had NO CLUE- but was DEFINITELY 'all ears' and very quickly, I completely understood.
    He said he'd first seen/heard about this 20 yrs ago or so, but, had just a few wks before, seen on the discovery channel, how people with systemic yeast, CAN SHOW POSITIVE for ALCOHOL-
    and ***HERE, IS **WHY****- the YEAST mixes, with the bodies GLUCOSE levels; basically JUST LIKE how people used to make alcohol in old barns, nurse Joe used this as a way of describing it, he said it's JUST LIKE that, only it's happening inside the body/bloodstream!!

    sugar(glucose) + yeast together, "fermenting" if you will ...= ALCOHOL!!

    In severe cases, it is called "AUTO-BREWERY SYNDROME". He asked if I had internet, I said yes, and he told me, "look it up, you'll see".. I found in autobrewery syndrome, you can even look, ACT, speak, and WALK, as if you are intoxicated!!!
    I said, well, WHY couldn't "HE" have just said that!?" (still just sobbing, but, much calmer (exhausted) and telling Joe my fears, regarding my doctors, trust, etc)

    Lo' & Behold, my next pain clinic visit, my NP sits, asks me what happened in the ER, I tell her(but, extremely angrily, still -- this was even 3 mos later) everything that had happened, how I was spoken to from the start, etc..

    Then I tell her about what Joe had told me, hoping she TOO would then understand, that 'trace' of alcohol, but, her demeanor just stayed flat... absolutely NO affect, on her face, voice, etc.

    (NOT) coincidentally, that visit, she 'decides' that, I haven't had a urinalysis in a while, and it's also time to sign a new pain clinic agreement/contract. I was there that day, a total, of TWO AND A HALF HOURS!

    I told my primary doctor, in May, (just already assuming she of course had received a copy of that ER 'report', and his 'note(s)')explained ALL about that visit, and what nurse JOE had said,

    she, was more INTERESTED, rather than accusatory, like the NP had been. but, she said "well that's not something most doctors are familiar with".

    She put me on Nystatin- for 3 mos, but I stopped after one month, stuck with apparently permanent, bad 'sunburned' feeling in both lower legs, below the knees, down.

    Anyhow- I really really really urge ANYONE with yeast- even just a VAGINAL INFECTION, if you're prone to recurring infections, due to medications, birth control pills, or just prone to recurring yeast infections- to please please pleaseeeee research and keep handy SOME type of info on this..

    I learned a lot about it, but, my relationship with the NP at the clinic, is very 'strained' now. I always feel nervous, dread my appts with her, etc And, wonder who ELSE of my dr's got something from him- if my neuro did, he's never mentioned it, and since it WAS a med that he'd just increased the dosage of, that made me so ill (with other contributing factors, not the med itself) I figured he'd definitely receive something, but, even if he did, sometimes, he just doesn't care, forgets, or, he doesn't even get somethings (he's gone through a LOT of secretary's, assitants, etc. A LOT. But, I'm always going to WONDER, ya know?

    If only kind nurses like Joe could give back DIGNITY, PRIDE, and self worth..

    He looked like he *wished* that he somehow could, too.

    But, PLEASE keep that info handy, because, just mentioning it, can still get you blank stares, eye rolls, or flat out silence.. and RUIN your records forever. I never, ever want anyone else to go through what I went through that horrible night! (and, I was not even on one single PAIN med at that time, either, - still got me flat out accused of 'eatin a 'bunch' of Klonopin" (not the first time an ER doc has brought up clonazepam, either.. which I've been on for over 6 yrs now, same dose, and not one single time, have I EVER tried to refill it early, asked for a dosage increase, etc. NEVER. (and they ALWAYS act like you MUST be on it for 'mental' problems- I'm on it for severe limb jerking & twitching, some of which was a permanent result of 10mgs, yep **10**mgs, starter dose, of an anti-depressant, years & years ago, early into my illness. 3 months on a 10mg dose, and several perm. side effects. I'm SURE all my illnesses NOW *contribute* or aggravate the myoclonic jerks, though.

    Anyways, PLEASE take heed, take precautions, and take CARE of yourself,
    Warmest regards, deepest concerns,

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    The type of yeast that you probably have is called arabinose. When arabinose are fed...basically when YOU eat or drink something that they like...they give ethanol. So, for every yeast cell, or arabinose cell in your body, after you eat there is an ethanol cell. The ethanol is basically alcohol.

    My four and a half year old was the first person in our household to test positive for this specific type of yeast. He was three and a half at the time his test results came in. His symptoms were that he acted like a happy, silly drunk after meals and snacks. He would get up from the dinner table and run around the house laughing and giggling at nothing at all, literally like he was drunk or high. We've all seen the happy drunk in the corner, right? That was my three year old. He has other types of fungus' also, but his levels of arabinose were off the charts. I don't know if the above description I gave is exactly the way it works but that is how my sons DAN! doc described it to me.

    My older son is not the happy drunk, he is the mean drunk. lol All three of us were tested at Great Plains Lab with an OAT test. You need a Dr.'s signature to have the test run, but it can be ANY Dr.'s signature, even somebody you know socially. lol I would get the test, and then ask their nutritionist who you can consult with for free after your results come back to send you information on the yeast you may be infected with, and carry the results and info around with you in the future...especially for your NP to see....
  3. What you said about your son, breaks my heart to read for him, but, also, rings soo true for me, just most recently, when I do eat fast foods, with hubby & my sis, I TOO, am "drunk" but not a good, nor fun drunk- in fact, that's exactly what I told my sister...

    I told her, OMG, and (excuse my abbreviated language) but also said WTF, after we'd eaten, and I told her, "I feel DRUNK!" she said "huh," concerned, but, obviously, of course, she didn't have a single idea or suggestion- she & I made a connection to a few things, but the biggest one by far, was..

    We'd noticed, that far worse than any other fast food, I eat, ARBY's, everytime I eat a sandwich from there (which I DON'T, and WON'T anymore!) but, we noticed that everytime, even trying a few different foods from there, that I get racing pounding heart, (sometimes though, my pulse will be 'NORMAL") and yet, i will STILL be very weak, so short of breath I can't speak, I HAVE to lay down, and it FEELS like my pulse must bee 300bpm! I'm already on atenolol, FOR 'sinus tachycardia', and history of palpitations, my last holter monitor showed about a MILLION different little 'blips' but, apparently none *frequent* enough, or long enough in duration (I am just GUESSING that's the reason) for my primary care doc to be concerned. I had tachycardia, AND bradycardia (39bpm, for SIX HOURS, at night- yikes) and my doctor could not even read my JOURNAL, and SEE that I did in fact have tachycardia, just after eating...

    I've been diagnosed, (by a registered dietician- but, he IS in medical school now, too) but, he dx'd CELIAC's disease- by reading my report from my last colonoscopy/endoscopy, the biopsy results, (villous atrophy, and report also said 'in some cases, the villi were almost totally effaced") (and 'some' appeared ok- LOL???) but, my gastro NEVER mentioned that to me...

    But, he had enough dx's for me anyways, without mentioning celiac's, lol erosive gastritis, duodenitis, and some other wierd stuff, and I also had to go through a bunch of tests again, due to "mild changes in the illeum that may indicate Crohn's disease"- yet, he left it alone when the BLOOD test, was normal (for IBD), but barium SCANS were what had reported the changes in the ileum- in fact the radiologist STOPPED during one test, to TALK TO ME, and asked if anyone had mentioned Crohn's disease- and I said- actually, that's why I'm here, that's what I'm being tested for' he just patted me, and said, oh, ok, and went on testing...

    Anyyyyyyways, off subject there... but, not totally- the heart stuff, shortness of breath, etc... has grown to all kinds of foods causing it.. now I don't eat much, normally, and I know, now, that i really shouldn't EVER eat what other people consider a "meal"... it's toooo much food at one time for me... but

    Anyhow, (I'm having additional food testing done as soon as I can get up to my PCP's office, (a different city than where I live) and have the blood drawn to be sent off,) this will test for 95 diff foods, but, it tests for wheat, AND gluten ( I was confused by that a bit, thought wheat = gluten, but ??) either way, my PCP may go for a more in depth panel, depending on that tests result(s)...

    But, wow- the drunk thing, yes, I sure wish your sons didn't have it at ALL, but, boy what I would give to laugh, giggle, run around with a lampshade on my head (lmao) or anything 'fun', rather than just feeling like I drank wayyyyy too much- dizziness, specific to being drunk, then my vision will get crazy, I'm drowsy, short of breath, always wish I'd barf, because, I know I've eaten something that feels like I've poisoned myself... etc

    thank you for your further in depth info on the TYPE of yeast, etc...

    By the way, too- the DAN! site, R O C K S

    Far better *detailed* recipes, info, etc on gluten free foods, etc... after all, it's usually mama's fightin to make their kids better- and with kids- it has to taste good for them to eat it, and mothers who are fighting to get any little piece of their child back, to bring them out of theirselves, are gonna try harder, fight harder, share more, and give greater, more specific details on recipes that worked for them!


    Thank you, again,

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    Laura - so sorry to read your horror story at the ER. Thanks for telling us about the alcohol reading, I would never have suspected candida if I was in that situation.

    It's difficult to understand why some of these doctors without compassion went into medicine.

    Gentle Hugs,

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