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    Hi all,
    A few months ago I shared that I started on systemic enzymes. The good news is that I feel that it has made a difference to the quality of my life. I first noted the positive changes back in May when I had three good days in a row. Now I am having more good days than bad. I'd say that I am anywhere between 70 to 80% functioning at this stage. What a difference compared to October 2008 when I had a severe relapse and was barely at the 5% level.

    I have slowly added other supplements as well and am also on a gluten/dairy free, low carbohydrate diet. I am also seeing a naturopath who has had CFS/ME herself and has recovered to about 95% of her functioning level- so I am very hopeful that what she is doing with me will help me to recover further.

    If you want to know details re: supplements etc I will post them at the alternative board at some stage.

    Some days I am so excited that I can actually walk at a reasonable pace/distance and not get tired! I am so thankful of any and all improvements.


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    It is wonderful considering how bad it was.

    Last year I started sliding downhill despite spending megabucks on tests, supplements and seeing an intergrative doctor. Nothing helped as my gastrointestinal system was such a mess that by October I had a severe relapse (worse than the initial one), I lost a lot of weight, was barely digesting anything and was in a lot of pain day and night.

    I was very limited in what I could eat so by the time I saw a gastroenterologist I had eaten no gluten for 6 weeks. The blood test therefore meant nothing (it was negative for celiac). At this stage I followed the type of diet recommended by the Weston Price Foundation but with lots of probiotics as my digestion was seriously compromised.

    Then around January when I noted I was still having IBS pain I cut out all dairy and grains as well. Now, some months down the track, my gut feels so much more settled, less nausea, bloating, pain, constipation etc.

    I think I do have allergies related to leaky gut syndrome so that once my gut heals I will (theoretically) have less problem in this area. I'm almost afraid to get tested for allergies as I've cut out so much from my diet there will be hardly anything to eat.

    I get so encouraged when I hear of other people getting better as this is my hope for people here.

    Hang on to those better than bad days Glen. I figure that you are doing a great thing for your body by supporting it and feeding it nourishing food. I look forward to hearing about your journey.

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    Improving your gut/intestinal function may be a key to healing from many different chronic illnesses, but especially CFS, as it's suggested that 70-80 percent of one's immune function starts in the gut.

    What works for some won't work for others, but figuring out or testing for food intolerances or allergies, and making sure you're digesting what you're eating is so important.

    Thanks for posting of your improvements!


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