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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by debshomeed, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. debshomeed

    debshomeed New Member

    Has anyone heard of or tried systemic enzymes? Bad and good reports appreciated.

    Apparently they help to digest all sorts of nasties in our blood including fibrin (scar tissue), undigested proteins, the cell walls of viruses etc. They also help to reduce inflammation and have been used as an alternative to painkillers in Europe. I've read testimonials where they have helped people with FM.

    I have CFS and am currently on them and have only just worked up to the dose they recommend for CFS/FM. It is still to early to tell but I think my energy levels have slowly increased in the past week.



  2. znewby

    znewby Member

    Is that the name of the product? Who makes this product? Would like to look on the internet? thanks.
  3. debshomeed

    debshomeed New Member

    The brand I'm trying at the moment is Vitalzym, however I am going to switch to Zymitol as the dosage is lower to get the same effects.

    If you google systemic enzymes you will get a lot of information about them.

  4. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    i googled them and theres a ton of info, Did you Doc suggest them? and how high of a dose did you start at.
    I'd really like to try them, but Geez i take 2 hand fulls of supps a day :( a few more and i'll be broke for sure!
    Although the info sounds really promising, and makes sense.
    and if they help Pain also, then that's a big plus! i have heard of wobenzymes, i think they are a systemic enzyme also,
    I'm going to read up on them more, but hey i just might have to drop a few of the supps i take now & give them a try. seems like europe is always way ahead of us on Natural things. i know they have been using Bio Identical Hormones for about 60 years there, and were just scratching the surface on them here. But of course i think big Pharma plays a part in that also.
    Keep us Posted Snez and let us know how you continue to do.
  5. debshomeed

    debshomeed New Member

    to begin with and slowly build up from there. I just took one capsule three times a day on the first day as I was fearful of a reaction. I did herx whenever I built up to the next dosage - so be aware of this. Although- I did have a hard time trying to distinguish whether it was a reaction to the enzymes or just my body getting rid of toxins.

    The manufacturers claim that there are no documented adverse side effects from taking the enzymes but I'd still er on the side of caution and contact them if you are having additional weird symptoms.

    I did persevere though and now, one month later, am on 5 capsules 3 times a day. Now one week later after being on this dose I can walk a bit faster and further and have more stamina. I am starting to have a short moments of wellbeing I haven't had for a long, long time. I am still far from being well though but I take each small gain as a big plus especially since my severe relapse 6 months ago.

    On Vitalzym the normal dosage for CFS/FM is about 3 to 5 capsules three times a day. Apparently there is an activation dose that you will feel when it kicks in. So it is actually a lot of capsules, so that is why I am going onto another brand (Zymitol) that requires less as an activation dose.

    The systemic enzymes were recommended to me by a New Zealand Health internet shop (I live in Australia) and after researching a bit about it I decided to give it a go.

    Like you I take heaps of supplements and was reluctant to add more so I rationalized what I thought was working and cut out those that weren't and then added the enzymes. I always give supplements a 3 month opportunity to "work" (or not) before deciding whether they are worth taking in the long term.

    I will definitely keep you posted with this enzyme experiment.

  6. BeanyMalone

    BeanyMalone New Member

    Are these digestive enzymes, such as Bromelain, Papain, hydrochloric acid? If so in the states TwinLabs makes a Digestive Complex.
  7. debshomeed

    debshomeed New Member

    compared to digestive enzymes. Firstly they are taken on an empty stomach (between meals) three times a day. This way they work on getting into your bloodstream to start clearing up your blood. They can be taken as an enzyme with meals to digest food, but then will be used up in this process and not clearing your blood. I think that you are better off using digestive enzymes for digesting meals.

    Also, there one important ingredient in systemic enzymes not normally found in digestive enzymes and that is: serrapeptase. Some other formulations use nattikonase but this is generally used for cardiovascular problems and blood clots.

    The other ingredients, as stated on the systemic enzymes bottle I use are: protease, papain, bromelain, amalyase, lipase, rutin and amla.

    I hope this helps. You can google serrapeptase to find out why and how it is important in dissolving fibrin and undigested matter.

    Hope this helps

  8. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi you guys,

    I take Virastop, which is a proprietary blend of protease (protein-digesting) enzymes. I have been on it a long time and I like it a lot. If you happen to be coming down with a cold, you can take an extra one or two and the cold gets nipped in the bud.

    I did get a die-off reaction (a Herx) when I began taking Virastop, so I had to begin slowly and increase gradually.

    Like you all, I take it on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. My understanding is that enzymes like these can be slightly irritating to the stomach; about like aspirin. So it's good to drink a lot of water with them.

    There is an interesting website called enzymestuff that has a lot of info about enzymes including Virastop. I haven't tried the other brands of systemic enzymes you mentioned. But if you search the old posts, I think a lot of people have said good things about them.

  9. debshomeed

    debshomeed New Member

    I did have some stomach issues (burning sensation) with taking the systemic enzymes to begin with, especially when I went up to a higher dose. So like Forebearance has mentioned I do recommend taking them with lots of water and increasing the dosage very slowly.


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