T Cells, old infections, & excessive lymphocyte proliferation

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    T cells reactive to old flu infections make unrelated viral infections worse

    27 Nov 2005

    Childhood infection with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is often asymptomatic,
    while the same infection in adolescents and adults causes infectious
    mononucleosis (IM). Liisa Selin and colleagues from the University of
    Massachusetts Medical School now show how, in a strange twist of
    immunological karma, T cells specific to a previously encountered virus
    (such as the flu) may come back to haunt you, by overzealously
    responding to a subsequent, unrelated viral infection like EBV, thereby
    increasing the severity of the immune response and causing IM.

    Their results appear online on November 23 in advance of print
    publication in the December issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

    The authors found that, in patients with IM, memory CD8+ T cells
    specific to an epitope of the influenza virus encountered in a previous
    infection, also recognized and reacted to an epitope of the Epstein-Barr

    These two epitopes, with only 33% similarity, stimulate different T cell
    activities, which in sum skew the immune response to EBV infection.

    Excessive lymphocyte proliferation contributes to the marked deviation
    in disease course and is symptomatic of IM.

    Overall, this demonstration of cross-reactivity involving 2
    immunodominant epitopes from 2 of the most common human viruses
    highlights the potential importance of cross-reactive T cells in human
    disease states.

    Cross-reactive influenza virus-specific CD8+ T cells contribute to
    lymphoproliferation in Epstein-Barr virus-associated infectious

    View the PDF of this article at:

    Brooke Grindlinger
    Journal of Clinical Investigation
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    interesting post.. esp. since I started out with EBV and Mono.. Thanks Tansy for another great article..
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