T3 med shortage

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by brie45free, Oct 23, 2009.

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    So should someone even bother to try and get treatment for this thyroid t3 problem? Since there seems to be no more meds to treat it. The only Doctor within 60 miles of me charges 270.00 for just a office visit. And they won't take my insurance. Regular M.D.'s won't even discus these meds they act as tho their poisonous or something? I got my hopes up thinking this thyroid thing was the cure for this curse, that maybe I wouldn't have to suffer anymore. After all the run around, the shortage of meds and the negative responses from doctors. it just seems hopeless again. Why make it so impossible to get better?Could it be, if they cured us we wouldn't put all our money in their pockets anymore? None of my doctors care. If I killed myself because of the pain, they would just think "Oh well just another worthless disabled person we don't have to deal with anymore". Yes, this pain and bull is making me biter. How's your patience? Still hanging in there with hope are ya? Well good luck with that. Cause I've just about had it myself.
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    So far, I've had no trouble getting T3 from my compounding pharmacy, Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions. There is a shortage on Armour so maybe that is leaking over to the T3 market. Since people are having to resort to getting both compounded T3 and T4 to replace the Armour that they can't get.

    This site explains a lot about thyroid issues. It will answer your question about why doctors don't want to prescribe alternatives to Synthroid. You'd think you were asking for arsenic or hemlock or something?


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