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    I was never tested for fibro My doctor say's I have it because I'm in pain all over. I ask my doctor about using T3 for fibro. She got rather defensive, and said " I'm not putting anyone on T3 unless they have a bad thyroid. She say's my thyroid is fine. At this point in this horded decease I will try anything to make me normal again. Why won't she give this to me? Will it kill me? Well it's getting so bad I'm starting to wish something would. When I cried and told her I can't take this pain any more, She just gave me progesterone ( because of my emotional out burst ) and is sending me to a arthritis doctor, dumping me in his court.
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    I would search for a different doc. Can you find a DO on your insurance plan? Holistic medicine doc?

    Hey....ask your compounding pharmacist, which docs prescribe thyroid meds. Free phone call!!!!!
    Don't use synthiod, T4 won't convert to T3 in us for some reason.

    I'm on a Time-Release T3/T4 from a compounding pharmacy. Ask your regular pharmacist, they know the other pharmacies in your area.
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    Think You so mush you have been very helpful. I will call about my labs. My doctor only mentioned my tsh not t3. She did tell me my v-d was low.
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    Think you so much. Your advice has been very helpful. I called my pharmacist and was able to find a DO who prescribes Armour. For what I don't know, hopefully fibro. Maybe he can help.
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    Have you had testing for TSH, T3,T4 and the antibodies. (I' I think this is what is included in the panel) The TSH levels are just a screening device.

    If you don't believe your thyroid is okay, how about an endocrinologist?

    It sounds like the vitamin D may be a factor in your pain. But I am not a doctor.

    Though some people do take the Armour and it does contains T3, a pigs ratio of T4 to T3 is different than humans.

    Synthroid, et. al., while it only contains T4, does help the body convert the T4 to enough T3 in most cases. If it doesn't then it can be supplemented with T3.

    I would not recommend an osteopath/alternative doctor to diagnose if you have thyroid problems by symptoms alone. Many conditions have overlapping symptoms.

    I have had hyperthyroidism in the past and if you are given Armour without a test you can have what is called a "thyroid storm" which can be life threatening. Even if you are not taking enough to cause this excess thyroid, is not only very unpleasant but can do a lot of damage.

    If one hormone is out of whack that may mean others are too. If you do not need the thyroid, you are disrupting the balance of the endocrine system.

    Again, please do not go by just the symptoms. Yes it is important to report them, however to make a differential diagnosis, you need to rule out other things.

    You can always get another opinion but if you have had the tests and everything is okay according to the new standard, she may be doing you a favor.

    Good luck and let us know how things go for you whatever route you choose.


    ETA, I missed that you are going to a rheumatologist. I think it is good to get a second opinion.

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