Tachycardia anyone??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    My new doc. wanted to try another BP med. for my High BP. My pulse with Beta got too low (45-52), but now without it is back where it was before Beta, at 103-109. My bloodpressure is stable with this new med. though. Does anyone else have Tachycardia, and do you know why you have it?? My doc. want to give a definitive diagnose of FM, he have drawn gallons (LOL!) of blood and took a chest x-ray. I haven't got the results yet. My pulse races crazy as soon as I excert myself the slightest.
  2. Jo29

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    but, she doesn't have high blood pressure. She has never been told why she has it, but I do know it is one of the symptoms of CFS. She does have that.

    She also takes a beta blocker, but I can't remember the name of it.

  3. proteinlady

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    My HR was only running between 85-90 but I was having PVCs with the higher rate. Like you my heart rate slowed to 46-54 on 60 mg XL inderal and the lowest dose of zebeta. We halfed the lowest dose which left me with a heart rate of 60-66 under normal conditions. With exercise or exertion I can only get it up to 94 which means I don't derive a lot of benefit from aerobic work.
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    I have cought my HR as high as 160, while resting. Just last week I cought it at 140 after simply bringing my laundry down stairs. The doctors know about it, and in the begining when I first had the viral meningitis and the mono. The doctors ran a couple of tests, ekg and echocardiogram, everything came up pretty normal except for a murmur in my tricuspid valve, which they said they where not worried about. Soon after I lost my insurance. Now my new doctors say, "hmm thats interesting", but do nothing about because I don't have insurance. I know I should see a cardiologist but I have 2 fears. First of all the cost of the tests, and secondly the chances that when they run the test my pulse will only be in the 90's. I have not seen my pulse drop below 90 since I became ill! Having no insurance is a horrible thing!
  5. lenasvn

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    Are you low-income by any chance? have you checked if you are elegible for Government funded health insurance? I am so sorry that you have to go without insurance like this. I would talk to DSHS, at least you can air your problem, they might know where to go.

    As for my original question about Tachycardia. When I think about it, I must have developed something much earlier than I thought. I had this high pulse for YEARS, and I developed severe migraines already as a 3 year old. My mother took Valium during her pregnancy with me, and also breastfed me with it, and my doc. think the most likely thing that happend by that is that my body cannot cope with stress/adrenalin. I know! I have had a hard time with my body responses! I am so glad I am soon nearing some help/diagnosis for all the crap I been thru! And I thought I had depression, been getting meds for that for a while and have suffered from it my whole life. Maybe it wasn't depression after all, but a "depression of my physical function".
  6. JLH

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    Hi, lenasvn!

    Yes, I have tachycardia--that is one of my heart problems!

    I have supraventricular tachycardia, bradycardia, and atrial fib. I, too, go from the tachycardia (fast heartbeat) to bradycardia (slow heartbeat). I also suffer from congestive heart failure.

    I have been on heart meds for 15 years or more. Most of them to control the rhythm. In 2003, I have to have a pacemaker installed to regulate the heartbeat because the medications were no longer working. Now, the pacemaker will not allow my heart to beat slower than 60, nor faster than 120. It has completely solved my rhythm problems.

    If your pulse races like crazy at the slightest activity, I think I would go for a consultation with a cardiologist. With any type of heart problems, I would want a cardiologist treating me rather than my primary care doc.

    Have you had a stress test, and all the normal cardiac workup done? If not, you definitely need one.

    Also, about your frequent migraines ... I used to have them, too. Mine were supposedly caused by "stress." The only way that I got them under control was by taking Zoloft, a beta blocker--Lopressor, and got my hormones regulated. Now, if you would go on an anti-depressant, I would choose Cymbalta since it also helps on the fibro pain!

    Hope you get your problems resolved, and quickly!!


    Edited: I forgot to mention, when you have a heart rhythm problem, you need to CUT OUT ALL CAFFEINE! I now drink decaf coffee, decaf tea, and caffeine-free pop! If you are still drinking products with caffeine in it and want to cut the caffeine out--make sure you do it GRADUALLY. Caffeine is an addictive drug and if you cut it out cold turkey, you are asking for bad news, especially with heart problems. Cutting it out cold turkey will cause severe headaches, sometimes seizures, etc.
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  7. helpeachother

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    Hi lena, Very sorry to hear about your problem.

    I have FM CFS LD MCS etc etc. and long-term "inappropriate sinus tachycardia" They gave me Beta-Blockers and then later found out the cause. "Fortunately", i also had high BP, so the beta-blocker works for me, but maybe not you.

    It turns out that my Tachycardia is one of the symptoms of the awful MCS (or Multiple Chemical Chemical Sensitivities Syndrome), being chemicals stimulating my heart among other body organ reactions.

    Your pulse rise on exertion could be the new CFS/ infectious cardiomyopathy virus theory from Dr Lerner et. al. (article on this board by a Dr Corning). I printed it out but dont remember who posted it. Maybe someone remembers, anyway try to find it and best of luck and health. Peace

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