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    This is the first time I have used a message board so please bear with me!
    I have had numerous symptoms for eight years now and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia/sjogrens at first then tests revealed that I had a kidney disorder, vasculitis, and various other problems though I still have'nt been given a definite diagnosis. I developed a fast heart beat when standing up ( ok when sitting down )and also a raised blood pressure at the same time and I was wondering if this happens to anyone else. This also happens when I change position such as bending forward or stretching to reach for something.
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    I have tachycardia but I don't think it is exactly like yours. My b/p DROPS then my pulse races to compensate. I have taken a heart med (beta blocker) for 17 years to control it. It is isoptin 240SR.

    I have a email friend who I met on this board. I believe her heart racing and b/p are more like yours.

    We both have CFS and FM.


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    What you're describing is what I've read is a classic symptom of CFS. Someone mentioned the tilt table test. This is a good start.

    If you're BP changes from sitting to standing is another sign.

    Tachycardia (as I've been told) is when the heart rate is over 100 BPM.

    If the heart beats irregularly, this could mean several things. However, when this happens to me, I know I've eaten too many simple carbs. It's called "reactive hypoglycemia". If you want to know more on this, do a search here or on the web.

    Hope this helps...