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    I have been unwell since Jan this year, started with a virus and ended up with really painful joints and muscles and numbness down one side. Also very tired and just felt unwell, brain fog. I also was experiencing palpitations. I saw loads of drs and had every test mri etc and they came up with nothing, saw an immunologist and he said may be cfs. Cardiologist said that tachycardia could be caused by amitriptiline and told me to come off of it. My resting heart rate sits at least 100bpm and when I move it goes up to high 120s. I came off the drug and heart rate has remained the same and I have been very depressed for the last 4 months and have tried other anti depressants that havent worked so gone back onto amitriptiline.

    The last 4 days I have seen a return of previous symptoms of painful joints, swollen glands and overwhelming tiredness..I do have vit b12 defiency which was treated with an injection last week and have another one in 6 weeks which I am now thinking mught not be enough...drs seem so sick of me though that I hate going.

    Does anyone know if tachycardia is a symptom of cfs and should I be asking for more frequent injections of b12?

    thanks if you have read this I am pretty desperate.

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    I have a friend who takes daily B12 injections because she has a peptic ulcer.

    How can it hurt to take an injection every week? You could learn to give it to yourself.