Tagamet can boost immune system, cancer & herpes treatment

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mbofov, Dec 11, 2008.

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    I just saw my CFIDS doctor for my biannual appointment. I told him how my immune system seems to be rather weak, I get sick so much, etc. He is having me try taking cimetidine (trade name Tagamet). I know, this is a drug for heartburn etc. but there is research which shows it can improve immune function, it helps inhibit T-suppressor cells and actually can help a lot with colorectal cancer (which is not an issue for me). The article I link below is fascinating. The survival rate for those undergoing surgery for colorectal cancer greatly increases when they take the cimetidine before and after the surgery, when cancer cells can spread through the system. Also, it helps to continue taking it for a length of time afterwards. It may help with other cancers, but this is where the research has been.

    My doctor said there was an engineer several years ago who did the research on this and that this guy was extremely meticulous and thorough in his work.

    Also, there's lots of research showing that it can be very effective against shingles and herpes.

    Here's the article:


    You can buy it over the counter, but he's having me take a rather large dose so it's actually cheaper to get it by prescription in this dose. I haven't started yet, and am hoping it doesn't screw up my digestion. Will see --

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    My Dr. told me about this. He also said that ranitidine (zantac) which technically is a medicine of the same class does *not* have this property. So... If you are gonna try it, try it with Tagamet. It was one of Dr. Goldstein's therapies I read.

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