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    I practice Yoga or Tai Chi whenever I am able to, or at least some form of it daily. Even if I can only do 5 mintues worth, it makes me feel like I accomplished something. It truly is good for the body, mind and spirit.

    "Yoga for Healing" by Sarah Bates is a DVD that is for Fibromyalgia, fatigue, chronic pain, etc. It's slow moving and a great way to start a practice, even if you are in bed! One of the sessions is a "bed/mat" routine, which I am still doing.

    Tai Chi is also very good, which I would love to get into more. It is slow flowing movements which create a sense of relaxation and keep qi flowing to help improve or maintain health (Qi-pronounced "chee" is the "energy or life force which flows through the meridians and is used to protect, transform and warm the body")

    Anyone else practice these or similar forms?


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    I started practicing pilates a few months after I was diagnosed with FMS/Lupus 6 years ago. It is a work out, but it makes me feel better like you stated in your post, even if you can only manage a few minutes then you feel like you've done something! I have been thinking of adding a yoga class a few times a week to the pilates. I think those two will work well together. Pilates, for those who don't really know what it is, is a lot of stretching and slow controlled movements. I think it is a perfect "work out" for us with fms.

    I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone Rocki. I think there are a lot of us who will try just about anything to try to improve our lifestyles. I may even try tai chi sometime!!

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    i've been doing yoga for several years and find that i'm better able to handle the pain if i' comfortably strethched before i begin my day. some poses i do before i ever get out of bed so the muscles are stretched somewhat before i try to walk around. i think that a beginner should start with a live instructor who can watch you to make sure you're not doing the poses wrong. God knows we don't need any injuries with this dd. also proper berathing patterns will help with the fog and meditation will help us to focus on our wellbeing and not necessarily the pain. properly done yoga poses are the best friends i have most days. namaste. peg
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    I do Yoga, but not often. I do Ai Chi, which is T'ai chi in water. I absolutely love it. We do it in a 92 degree salt-water pool (no chlorine) and you feel no ill effects from working the muscles, and water is just soooo soothing!

    I have not tried regular T'ai chi
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    Hi all - thanks for your replies and info. I know I could have just left it at that, but wanted to include your names - it's always nice to see your name in a reply.

    Tanya - yep! I sure think that Pilates counts! I think there is a "100 crunch" routine or something similar to that name that I used to do long ago. Pilates does have some nice flowing exercises. Great suggestion!

    Peg - Meditation can really be a lifesaver. You know, I'm STILL trying to master that one...hard to stay focused at times, but I try!

    jbennett2 - Oooh! "Ai Chi" sounds very good. I 'sort of' do that in my pool also, but I'm sure not the proper technique. I really want to learn more about Tai Chi.

    kerrilyn - I, like many others, have to modify my routines also. I have osteoarthritis in the hands, knees and feet so I totally understand!

    Gigi - Thanks! I'm so very glad that I inspired you. I really enjoy being able to help others - makes you feel good inside! Sarah Bates' DVD is awesome! She also has FM/CFIDS and had it for years - her story is on the DVD.

    Georgia - It's great that you accomplish what you set out to do! I think the water therapy is very good for us. Wish my pool was warm enough right now!

    Live, Laugh, Love,

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