Tai chi.... Qigong... any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cathie, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. cathie

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    I've been reading lately about how benefitial tai chi and qigong are for fm and cfs. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any video's for practicing at home. I know some of them can be more advanced. Anyone know of good videos for beginners?

    Thanks, Cathie
  2. Mikie

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    To learn Tai Chi from a video tape but it was not a well-made tape and I couldn't do it. I think a class experience is so much better. I do a different form of Tai Chi which is very beneficial. I also do Yoga.

    Love, Mikie
  3. cathie

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    I guess I should explain that I don't get out much on my own, at least not for long. My energy doesn't seem to hold out for very long, and exercising at home works best for me. I do have a couple of yoga tapes, but they really aren't beginner level I guess. They move pretty fast and I do better with slower movements. That's why I thought Tai Chi or Qigong would be best. I do have one Qigong tape, but it's more instructional and not so good for actual practice. So, I'm hoping someone here may have suggestions. Thanks, Cathie
  4. fifty1ford

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    I've taken Tai Chi lessons long enough to learn the short twenty-four form and eight brocades, but quit because it was a too far and I needed the money for other things. I continue to practice what I've learned on a daily basis for about thirty minutes and follow that up with some jumping-jacks and push-ups. It is very hard to get up and do this routine at times, but something inside keeps pushing me forward and won't let me give up.

    My acupunturist has begun taking Qigong classes and has said that it is directed more towards healing which is true, as Tai Chi is a martial art with theraputic benefits. I may give Qigong a try, but those lessons are expensive as well, but I believe that tapes are not a good substitute for live, in-person instruction.

    It is really a matter of trying a number of different things to find what works for you. People react differently to the same treatments, so explore and treat this as an adventure and enjoy sampling the different options and the people you'll meet on the way.

  5. Tenn-farm

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    I've been taking Tai Chi for about a year and a half and just love it. I've got a very good teacher, but when I first began and could not remember all the postures (or when the fibro-fog hits me now) I use a tape called "Tai Chi for Health". It's the Yang Short Form with Terence Dunn. He does the particular form that I am studying and he's fairly easy to follow. It is easier if you have a teacher, but I find this tape very useful. I love the Tai Chi, it has helped me with balance as well as energy. There are some days when I'm not able to do it, but if you do it gently and follow correctly, it shouldn't hurt and in fact may help. Good luck!
  6. healing

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    I've done tai chi, yoga, qigong, and now pilates. All of them require pretty close to exactness in the positions in order for you to get benefit and not further damage yourself. I agree with others, you really need to have some hands-on instruction as you start out. Perhaps you could find an instructor willing to come into your home? Once you begin exercising, you will find that your energy level improves. Hope it goes well, Cathie!
  7. hopeful4

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    Hi Cathie,
    I practice yoga and have had success with previewing videos from my public library. The library where I live is in a regional system and has access to much more than the videos and DVD's housed in the local building. My suggestion is to ask your reference librarian for some help with how to search for and request Qigong videos that your library may hold. That way you can check them out before buying any.

    Another tool I've used is reading video reviews from amazon.com. That's where people who have used the videos write in and give their opinions on how that video worked out, or not, for them.

    I've also heard that Qigong is helpful in healing, so good luck in finding something that will benefit your health.