Take deeper breathes!

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    I'm sure others of you recieve these tips but today's made me stop and think, I don't take deep breaths the way I used to. I have to actually think about breathing deep. I noticed that my "normal" breathing was really shallow. I guess remembering to take deep breaths can make a big difference. I decided to post this as I noticed there has been some talk about breathing difficulties. I know there are other, serious problems, but maybe more of us just need to remember to breathe!!

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    Tip of the Day for June 16, 2003

    According to Richard Podell, M.D., disordered breathing is one of the vicious cycles that CFS and FM patients experience. "More than half of our patients with FMS or CFS develop a disordered pattern of breathing. They take very small rapid breaths using the small muscles of their chest instead of slow, deep breathing with the large muscles of the abdomen. These changes are subtle and most people who "hyperventilate" in this manner don't realize that their breathing pattern is out-of-synch.
    Shallow chest breathing makes people feel tense. Slow, deep abdominal breathing creates feelings of calmness. Disordered breathing can also cause a broad array of frightening symptoms including mental fog, dizziness, irritability, chest pain, feeling numb and more. Worsening symptoms then disrupt breathing further."
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    Dr. Paul Cheney has written a good article about his breathing exercise. I don't know whether it's here in our library or on his website. If you do a search here, it will bring up my post where I described the exercise.

    Love, Mikie